Love’s Desire

I touch the sun and it freezes me.

I look towards the light but it’s black.

Why can’t I feel?

My skin should burn and peel.

I want the sunshine back!

Now through the smog they call to me,

to make my way across hell’s gate.

To quench the flame?

Or ignite the day?

I guess it’s all the same.

I’ll make my way across hell’s fire,

the point of no return.

I will spread love’s desire,

and I will let it burn.

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39 Responses to Love’s Desire

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    I love the from and rhyme scheme of this one. Wonderfully crafted with strong imagery and a smooth as silk flow. I did not want it to end. Well written, my friend!

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  2. “To quench the flame? Or ignite the day?” There is a song with the lyrics, “Is the glass half full or empty? I ask her as she fills it. It doesn’t really matter, pretty soon you’re bound to fill it.” I thought of that the first time I read those two sentences. Then a further thought came about… Is quenching the flame what ignites the day?

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    • kristianw84 says:

      Wow! I am happy to have stirred some thoughts. I love the lyrics you quoted! My response to the “glass half-full or half-empty” question has always been, “It does not matter. Clearly there is room for more.

      Thats a great question! I suppose it would come down to perspective. For some, quenching the flame would ignite the day, while others would argue that a day cannot be ignited without the flame.

      I think you and I could wax philosophical all day, so I will add this to our list of things to unpack when we have our coffee sunrise chat!

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  3. Well, I typed the lyrics wrong… it should have been “pretty soon you’re bound to spill it”, not “fill it”. I think I shared the song with you before and remember you saying you’d listened to it. In case you want a re-listen, it’s called “The Girl With the Weight of the World in Her Hands” by the Indigo Girls.

    I’m glad you’re making a list of things to communicate about. We might need several concurrent morning sunrises, however! (And I’m okay with that!)

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    • kristianw84 says:

      Oh, yes, I thought it sounded familiar, but could not place it. Thank you for the reminder! The song is beautiful!

      I had the same thought that we will need more than one sunrise. I am perfectly okay with that, too!


  4. utahan15 says:

    hell no
    damage done is enuff

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