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Throwback Thursday Poetry: There Is No Such Thing As Caring Too Much

I wrote this poem last year, but it seems fitting for today. I should have used this one as my pandemic poem, the world needs more altruism. Love & life lessons, Kristian The world has told me that I “care … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Poetry – My Wild

There has always been something about the rebellious streak that I’ve been drawn to The James Dean types- popped collars and carefree spirits I suppose that is why I am drawn to rivers- that run wild and free and refuse … Continue reading

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In Honor of My Niece’s Birthday – My Hope

Last Thursday I shared a poem I wrote for my youngest niece. Well, today is my eldest niece’s birthday. I cannot believe this beautiful young woman is 18. She is witty, intelligent, artistic, a bit weird, a huge nerd, funny, … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Poetry – Leave The World Better Than You Found It

I was thinking, why not shed some light on some of my older poems? Highlight some of my older work for my newer followers, and for my loyal followers that have been with me for a long time, you might … Continue reading

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Wiccan Love – A collaboration

I had the honor of collaborating with a friend and one of my favorite poets, Brad Osborne. If you haven’t checked out his blog, Commonsensiblyspeaking I strongly encourage you to do so. Brad is a brilliant writer with an exceptional … Continue reading

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Almost Heaven

Sharing this one again because it’s a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to live where I do. I am from a place where highways border byways and backroads border fields A state that borders one state and another … Continue reading

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Going To Market On A Wednesday Afternoon

is not the way to start a poem but have you? Have you walked through the not as crowded as Saturday aisles and watched the butcher shave the meat from a cured ham, hanging over his head? Has your stomach … Continue reading

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30 Underrated Movies, Day 2

I don’t know who Becky G is, but I completely agree with her!! Many of you know I love to cook and bake, and today’s movie choice highlights the art of cooking. Kristian’s 2nd choice of Underrated movies is: Chef … Continue reading

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My Burlesque Mind

last inhale before it hits hello mind hello bliss ∼ the bass starts to drop the drumbeat slows then the sweet, sweet sound starts to flow ∼ that dark blues guitar glides straight through my veins swells in my stomach … Continue reading

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Spilled Words

I guess you know by now that you have always been my muse –   begging me to write us in permanent ink – words spilled on pages of bodies spilled on sheets   I don’t know if it’s the … Continue reading

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