Wordless Wednesday #12 – Bookstores


Image Credit: Pinterest

In a world full of eBooks and digital magazines, I find my old soul craving bookstores and libraries. I love the way bookstores smell, I could spend an entire day perusing both bookstores and libraries.

I just find this photo so enchanting!

What about you? Are you a fan of bookstores?

Love & Life Lessons,


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Game On – Series 2 – Life

Rory did it again and came up with another awesome game! You all know how much I love answering questions, and getting to know more about other bloggers as well as myself – most of you know that I am on a self-discovery mission right now, and this fits in with that!

In Rory’s own words:

“Game On – S2 Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Twice Weekly

This challenge will be 21 questions or in truth 16 flexi questions, because there will be five permanent that must stay in place at all time.

But apart from those 5 permanent questions, should you choose to reblog, then you can change any of the other 16 questions or create 16 of your own, that’s down to you, however you must stick to the Daily Topic Subject.”

The Rules …

1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place please.

2] Reblog should you so desire

3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.

4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.


Daily Topic Subject – Life

Q1] What do you value the most in your life today?

  • Relationships. I deeply value the relationships I have with my husband, family members, and friends. I value lots of things, but I really cling to the people I hold dearest to my heart, those who have come into my life, accepted me for who I am, and stayed by my side, even through the worst times, even when I, was not at my best. – This, this is what makes life worth living!!

Q2] Have you ever set yourself any ‘life goals’ and achieved them, what were they?

  • Yes – For as far back as I can remember, I wanted a career working for the greater good of humanity. I work for a non-profit organization, we offer a number of services that help very low-to-moderate income families!
  • I also made a goal when I was 5 to visit all 50 states by the time I’m 50, I’m not sure if this counts, but I’ve currently been to 21 States.

Q3] If you were dying, would you worry about it or accept it?

  • Accept it! I can’t change it, so why worry? I would live the remainder of my days to the best of my ability.

Q4] Have you made someone smile today?

  • Yes, I made my colleagues laugh during our morning coffee chat.

PQ5] Using no more than 100 words – if this was your last day on the planet what message would you leave to the world?

  • I’ll Do it in 3: “STOP THE HATE!!”

Q6] If you had three wishes and a magical wand to make them happen, what would you wish for?

  • A cure for all cancers
  • A magical pill that would take away all of my husbands sickness, pain, and physical disabilities
  • Selfishly, to be a famous author, but I would do great things with my millions!!

PQ7] What is the best feel good film you have seen – please provide link.

Ever?!! There’s no way I can chose just one, so here’s a few:

Q8] How would you describe yourself in five words only?

  • Passionate
  • Empathetic
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Romantic

Q9] What have you learned about life to date?

  • To embrace it, embrace every feeling, thought, emotion, as it comes. Life is full of twists and turns, it’s all about perspective, it’s all about how we handle our emotions and reactions to each situation. We have the control to make the best or worst out of life. Bad things happen, but that does not give us an excuse to be bad people. EVERYONE struggles!

Q10] What advice would you give a younger you of ten years ago?

  • Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. People will come and go in and out of your life, not everyone will like you, that’s okay, let those who chose to walk out go! Stop worrying so much about things that are out of your control, and make your mom go to Pittsburgh for her knee surgery!

Q11] If you were to volunteer for a charity for one day a week, what charity would it be and why?

  • I’m not sure what the charity itself is called, I think different hospitals call it different names, but I would volunteer to cuddle babies fighting Opiod addiction. The town I live in sees so many babies born addicted to drugs, and it’s so sad. Children, Veterans, and single mothers really pull at my heart strings, there are soft places in my heart for them.

PQ12] What is your best “quote” concerning life?

Image result for Life is all about how you handle plan B

Q13] What is top of your priority list in your life right now?

  • Getting a new house

Q14] What would be your ideal career or if you are doing that now, what is it?

  • Famous Author

PQ15] Provide a link to a piece of music that best sums up your emotion on life today.

Soulshine – The Allman Brothers

Q16] What are you truly passionate about?

In no particular order:

  • Writing
  • Baking
  • Helping Others
  • Music

Q17] What are three of your worst habits?

  • Binge Watching TV shows when I should be cleaning my house
  • Skipping Breakfast
  • Procrastinating (Except when it comes to work, I always try to stay at least one stop ahead at work.)

Q18] What are three of your best attributes?

  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • Dependibility

Q19] What is the meaning of life in your eyes?

  • 42 <—— Kudos to you if you understand this reference!
  • Honestly, I think the meaning of life is to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

  • No, I decided to answer all of these!

Q21] What inspires you to be you?

  • Freedom!  – I’m learning more and more to just be myself no matter what situation I’m in. I’ve hidden parts of myself away for far too long, and honestly; it’s exhausting! It is so much more freeing & less stressful to just be myself! And why shouldn’t I? I’m awesome!! – LOL!! I’m honestly not this conceited! 😉

Feel free to answer these questions yourself! C’mon! You know you want to!!

Love and Life Lessons,



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LB & K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 14

LB &amp; K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome Back!

Day 14

Best movie Soundtrack?

Laura Beth, the next time we create a challenge, we should probably just say top 5 for everything, because it seems both of us have a hard time just picking 1 of anything!! Lol

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Volume 1
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Volume 2
  • Goodfellas
  • Mamma Mia: The Original Soundtrack
  • Dirty Dancing: The Original Soundtrack
  • Benny & Joon

What about you? What’s your favorite movie soundtrack(s)?

Love & Life Lessons,


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My Life According to…

I saw the following from Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian:

The Britchy One has just posted this excellent piece:

My life according to…

You have to answer the questions by using songs sung by one solo artist.

So I thought I would have a go….

I thought it looked like fun, so I thought I’d give it a go, too!

ed sheeran


Your Artist: Ed Sheeran

Are you male or female: Galway Girl

Describe yourself: Perfect <——-  (Ha ha!)

How do you feel about yourself: I’m A Mess

Describe where you currently live: Castle On The Hill

The first thing you think of when you wake up: Bibia Be Ye Ye

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Tenerife Sea

Your favourite form of transportation: Photograph

Your best friend is: Eraser

Your favourite colour is: Bloodstream

What’s the weather like: Make it Rain

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called: Thinking Out Loud

What is life to you: Supermarket Flowers

What is the best advice you have to give: What Do I Know?

If you could change your name, what would it be: Nancy Mulligan

Your favourite food is: The Man

My soul’s present condition: Dive

The faults I can bear: All the Stars

How would you describe your love life: Old School Love


This was so fun!

Love and Life Lessons,


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Thank you Monday #14

Every Friday Jimmy Fallon writes ‘thank you” notes to random people or places. I have decided to take a spin on that, only my “thank you” notes will be sincere because I don’t  say thank you nearly enough to the people in my life, and I will also do “Thank you Monday’s”, so I can start my week off on a positive note!

My 14th thank you is to Music!

tom petty

Dear Music,

Thank you for being a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I suppose you are the first thing I truly fell in love with, you were the first to help my discover my passion, even in writing, it is you who gets my creative juices flowing, it is you that makes me want to dance, it is you that has bonded my relationships in so many ways! I’ve loved you since before I was born, and I can say with certainty that if there are other universes, lifetimes, and what have you’s, I’ve loved you for centuries, in every realm. You are the constant in my life, thank you, for lifting my spirits, allowing me to cry, being there whenever I need you. You never let me down, I feel you in my veins and the very depth of my soul. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you!

I’ve been discovering new music lately, and I really think that’s one of my most favorite things in the entire worlds. Discovering new music that gives me those warm, tingly feelings, moves me in ways nothing else can, or makes me want to move hips!

Thank you, most of all, for never letting me down!

Love & Life Lessons,




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LB & K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Days 12 & 13

LB &amp; K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome back!

Day 12:

Your top 5 favorite actresses?

  • Meryl Streep
  • Kathy Bates
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Amy Adams
  • Uma Thurman

Day 13:

What’s the first blockbuster you remember seeing?

The Lion King

the lion king

I remember going to see this with my friend, Ashley, and my dad! I’ve always been a big fan of the Lion King!!

What about you? Who are your favorite actresses? What’s the first blockbuster your remember seeing?

Love & Life Lessons,




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LB & K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Days 10 & 11

LB &amp; K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome back!

Day 10:

Worst book-to-movie adaptation?

The Giver

The Giver

I must say, I didn’t hate the movie, I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews of the movie from fans of the book, but I do agree that the movie does butcher the book a bit. I remember falling in the love this book the first time I read it. I believe I was around 11-years-old. The book focused much more about the adventures, and there was no love story. I love romance stories as much as the next gal, but I didn’t feel it was necessary with this story!

Day 11

Your top 5 favorite actors?

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Jack Nicholson
  4. Tom Hanks
  5. Tim Curry
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LB & K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 9

LB &amp; K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome back!

Day 9

  • Best book-to-movie adaptation?

As you’ve probably guessed, I can’t pick just one!

  • Withering Heights by Emily Brontewuthering Heghts

I thought the movie did exceptionally well at staying true to the book, both of which I love dearly! I have a weird love for romantic tragedies!

  • To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Leemickingbird

This book is my favorite gift from Grandma! I read it for the first time recently, and I remember explaining to Neil how I felt so bad for Atticus and I listed the reasons why, he responded surprisingly, “Wow, you really do have deep empathy for others!” I smile at this thought after reading the quote about, it seems our dear friend, Atticus, was an Empath too! The book was absolutely phenomenal, and the movie is just as good! One of the very few times I can say that of a book-to-movie adaptation!

  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville


This is one of those extremely rare cases where I like the movie better than the book. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the book, but it was harder to get through, it was soooo looooong!! The movie shortened the story dramatically, however; the film still stayed true to the story, even by cutting so much out of it. I thought that was really impressive!

What about you? Which book-to-movie adaptation do you think is the best?

Love and Life Lessons,


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Love and The Country # 7 -Glad that’s over!


I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this was my reaction today after I sent out a grant that’s due tomorrow! This particular grant “ain’t no joke,”


(Insert random thought here) Have you ever had one of those moments where you emailed yourself a picture so that you could save said picture to a different device, and then you get the push notification that you have an email and you excitedly think “Oh, look, I’ve got an email!?” No, just me? Oh, okay…..)

As you can see, the size of that grant was pretty hefty, and not only did I complete that one, but 4 others as well, IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS!!! Not to mention, the reports I had due, meetings I had to attend, emails to answer, you know, typical office work. No wonder I’ve been so stressed out, and don’t even get me started on the issues with our house!

*Takes a deep long sigh………

I feel so much more calm after mailing that grant out! It’s like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can literally feel myself sitting a little taller, with my back a little straighter.

As I was taking my trash out to the curb, just like every Wednesday evening, I allowed myself to walk a little slower, breathe in the fresh air, and revel in the warm rain that was hitting my eyelashes and causing water droplets on my glasses. I felt so light, like the breeze and I were one, I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

I am one of those people who believes in conserving energy and water, so I typically don’t take very long showers, but tonight I allowed myself to just stand under the shower head and allow the water to cascade over my head and down my back. I think that is one of my favorite feelings, and I should allow myself to feel it more often!

So while the past few weeks have been insanely stressful, thank you, to my wonderful husband for putting up with me, I promise to bake you snickerdoodles and shower you with kisses!

But in a way, I’m thankful for the stress, it pushed me to my limits, and some days I felt like crying, but I kept my head held high, I pushed forward, I did the job of 3 people, and you know what? I nailed it! I met those deadlines like a boss!!


I feel confidant, and I deserve it, I deserve to be proud of myself, and acknowledge all of the hard work I’ve put into my projects lately.

So to finish unwinding I decided to write, Neil is painting, and we are listening to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.


I have been watching the series Outlander and I am hooked! I’m almost already all the way through the first season, and I’ve only been watching for the past 3 days!

I mean what’s not to like? It has romance:


Time travel:


And this handsome hero with a lovely Scottish accent


I hope all of you, reading this, I hope you all take the time to applaud yourself once in a while, I hope you take the time to bask in the comfort of a warm shower, and I hope you allow yourself time to breathe!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Outlander to catch up on! 😉

Love and Life Lessons,



















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LB & K’sBlockbuster Challenge – Day 8

LB &amp; K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome back!

Day 8

  • What movie would you give an Oscar for best animated film?



I love everything about this movie – The message, the graphics, the story, the humor, the feels, oh the feels!!!! It’s just so good! I wish it was more popular.

**I feel I must give an honorable mention:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I think this movie is very impressive, over all. It’s just so artistic, and I love that about it! I didn’t feel I could chose this one, however; because it isn’t completely animated.


What about you? What animated movie would you chose?

Love and Life Lessons,


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