Wordless Wednesday 74 – Photo a Day, Week 44

Day 302

Always take time to stop and smell the flowers, or at the very least, photograph them.

Day 303

Here comes the sun

Day 304

Hot, sweaty, and sore, but I feel AMAZING!

Day 305

Girls nights consist of laughter, movies, and enormous crab cakes!

Day 306

Sunday’s are for leisurely walks

Day 307

Week 2! Let’s go!!

Day 308

Doing my part to save the post office. I’ll be sending out letters to my pen pals soon! I am seriously nerding out over those Walt Whitman stamps though!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Wednesday!

Love & life lessons,


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I am just a pawn

with paths laid out before me

moving pace by pace-


Dark & light intertwined

before me, behind me,

within me-


Seduced by freedom

from the mundane

my soul seeks adventure-


Stuck on this square

my sights on the king

love, my thirst qunecher-


Which direction I take

no longer matters

I am learning this, slowly-


Moving and growing

accepting my fate

and coming out wholly-


Embracing the darkness

helps the soul to shine

it is time to bleed-


Step by step

day by day

has become my creed-


My sights are set

I’m moving forward

and I am terrified-


But I won’t look back

and I will take what comes

I refuse to hide-


I can sense what is coming

and I need to be ready

for my feet, those last steps to take-


When I stand before

the king, laughing


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Wordless Wednesday 73 – Photo A Day, Week 43 (Posted on a Friday)

I am not sure what my deal is. Maybe my pride is hurt, maybe my brain just can’t keep track of the days, or maybe I’ve just got more going on in my life than I care to admit, possibly a combination of all three, the latter most likely, but I’m cleaning up different areas of my life, and this is one I need to work on. Bare with me, folks, I’ll get back to my old self and posting these on actual Wednesday’s in no time!

Day 295

For those of you who don’t know, I have a coffee mug addiction. This is the latest addition to my collection.

Day 296

I had dinner with a friend last week, and this was the view from our table

Day 297

Another majestic sunset!

Day 298

Pretty skies and reflections

Day 299

Despite the cold nights, summer is still holding on

Day 300

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Today is the first day in a new fitness journey. Waking up early enough to go for sunrise walks and get a workout early in the morning. – I will discuss this further in a later post.

Day 301

I wasn’t planning on posting another sunrise photo for this day, but this was too gorgeous not to share!

I have determined that it’s worth a visit to Garrett County just for our skies. I swear our skies are almost always pretty.

I hope all of you have a fantabulous weekend!

Love & life lessons,


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Wordless Wednesday 72 – Photo A Day, Weeks 41 & 42

Week 41

Day 281

No description necessary

Day 282

A gift from a pen pal

Day 283

Mountain views for days

Day 284

Oh! How I love nature walks!!

Day 285


Day 286

I think half the reason I make London fog cookies is just so I can use my mortar and pestle!

Day 287

This is a large ball of chocolate chip cookie dough. Perhaps, the prettiest ball of chocolate chip cookie dough I have ever made.


Week 42

Day 288

I live for these moments

Day 289

Adventure Time

Day 290

Decided to get a little dolled up

Day 291

Chillin’ with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Day 292

Almost heaven, West Virginia

Day 293

The mountains are calling, and I must go

Day 294

Hello Mister Blue Sky

I hope all of you are well. I also hope to be back to blogging more regularly again, but I have been writing my novel.

Love to you all!

Love & life lessons,


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Wordless Wednesday 71 – Photo A day, Week 40

Day 274

This sunset was spectacular

Day 275

My new wax seal. I can’t wait to use it!!

Day 276

Just a gal and her camera

Day 277

Picture perfect

Day 278

Raindrops and sunsets

Day 279

Stopped on my walk to smell (and take pictures) of the flowers. Maryland state flower to be exact.

Day 280

This glorious pause between summer and autumn.

I started this when it was still Wednesday, but it will be posted on a Thursday, so I hope all of you have a fabtastic Thursday!!

Love & life lessons,


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Up is North?


Wait…… which way is north, again?

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never been a geographical wizard, but 6-year-old me, had no clue when it came to directions. <– I’ve gotten better! Haha.


I have no idea why I thought up meant north, but it’s how I got lost in the woods. You can listen to the story on this episode of the podcast!

Neil and I discuss television shows and how certain shows influenced us (more so Neil than me.)

You will also hear me laughing at my 6-year-old self and her lack of directions, why the Simpson’s are the perfect portrayal of Neil’s humor, and how Clarissa Explains It All was my fashion sense, (Still kinda is. )

I hope you enjoy this episode. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below, and if you have suggestions for future topics, we’d love to hear them!

As always, thank you for reading and listening,

Love & life lessons,


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Wordless Wednesday 70 – Photo A Day, Weeks 38 & 39


Week 38

Day 260

“Do you want the moon, Mary?”

“I’ll wrap a lasso around it and pull it down for ya.”


Day 261

Some simply see a weed, others see the beauty. Queen Anne’s Lace ❤


Day 262

“I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain.”


Day 263

I love this contrast between the storm clouds and the golden streaks of the sunset.


Day 264

Moonbeams and Cemeteries


Day 265

Rainy days call for selfies. Only 100 more days to go!!



Day 266

Summer Daisies


Week 39

Day 267

Grandma surprised me with this lovely pop art card of my favorite painting!


Day 268

I closed the window on my fingers. 0 stars. I wouldn’t recommend it. 


Day 269

Something about those gold and pink clouds


Day 270

Oh how I love those cemetery sunsets


Day 271

Sunday Selfie


Day 272

“Here comes the sun”


Day 273

Pen Pal Crafts!!! 🙂


Happy Wednesday, my friends!

This year has been crazy. It seems like in addition to the pandemic and hatred of the world, which is enough to weigh on anyone’s emotions, life has just decided to add to the chaos and heartache.

I can only speak for those I know, but since the pandemic, my best friend moved 10 hours away, my Arizona bestie’s dog died, her grandfather also died, Neil had a health scare, my cousin’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, I won’t go into detail but I’m concerned for the mental health of a family member, my aunt had to put her dog down, and my adopted mother-in-law had to have emergency heart surgery, and I lost my job.

Now I know, there’s a lot of people out there who have it worse, and I do not mean to complain, but somedays I’m barely holding it together.

I’ve been dancing a lot lately to relieve some of this stress. I’ve been writing. My novel is coming along quite nicely. I’m almost finished Chapter 3!!! Plus I’ve written lots of ideas. I have a notebook full of them!

I’ve been focusing on the little things and taking the time to do the things I really enjoy doing. Life’s too short to be miserable, and I’m tired of dwelling on all of the negativity that seems to be surrounding me lately.

I hope all of you are safe and well, and I promise to get back to writing more uplifting & inspiring posts, because that’s what Life Lessons From Around The Dinner Table is all about, and we all know love is always the answer, no matter the question! ❤

Love & life lessons,


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Dancing in Seconds

dancing art

I’m drenched in madness

tangled in blue

I’m walking barefoot

through icy streams

and I’m here with you

My body is crying

and screaming out

and I know you’ve built up walls

but that won’t stop me from walking

and I’ll continue to shout

Drink from this cup

let the wine your mind take

and I’ll continue walking

and shouting, and writing, and walking

Just let me be the light upon the lake

Through all of this chaos

and hatred and trembling

through all that has shifted

I still feel your rhythm

so let’s continue assembling

I count my time in music

beats of a drum, bangs of a gong

dancing in seconds, moving to you

and if you stop and listen, you will see

I have been here all along.

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Wordless Wednesday 69 (Posted on a Friday) -Photo A Day, Week 37

It’s been another week of bad news. I just feel the crushing weight and I’m finding it hard to accomplish the simplest of tasks, but I didn’t want to let another week go by before posting this because inspiration has struck and I need a break from adulting for a while.


Day 253

The sky is on fire


Day 254

Snail mail from my cousin


Day 255

More snail mail goodies


Day 256

Is there anything a little Ben & Jerry’s can’t fix?


Day 257

I need this doormat in my life!!


Day 258

“Have you seen her all in gold? Like a queen in days of old, she shoots colors all around Like a sunset going down. Have you seen a lady fairer?”


Day 259

If I were a Disney Princess


Wishing all of you a fantabulous Friday!

Love & life lessons,


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B&W Movies, Turtle Nostrils, Superman, and 2001 Space Baby


In this episode, Neil and I start off by talking about black and white movies which somehow leads to us talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, and 2001: Space Odyssey. I’m not really sure how we got from Black and White movies to Ninja turtles, but welcome to the quirky conversations of Neil and Kristian!!

This was a fun conversation topic and this episode is full of laughter, mostly mine, but I’m used to being the only one laughing at times,. I’m so easily amused!

I really hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to hear which black and white movies hold the honor of being your favorites.

As always, thank you for listening and please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for future podcast topics, if we use your topic, we’ll give you a shout out during that episode!


Love & life lessons,


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