Friday Favorites #4

friday 1

This one is also me!! Image Credit: Pinterist

I am having a pretty rough morning, but I’m hoping by doing this post it will lift my spirits a little.

Top 4 songs on Repeat This Week:

  1. Might As Well Dance by Jason Mraz

I remember when Jason released his latest album “Know,” last year and I discovered this song!! I instantly fell in love with it, and I had it on repeat for months to come!! There is even a video of my dancing to it on Instagram!! It had been a while since I had heard it, but it came on the radio the other day while I was driving to work and I started dancing along in my seat, and I fell in love all over again, so I’ve been listening to it all week!

2. The Joker by Steve Miller Band

I was introduced to this song by my brother, many moons ago, but it’s another one of my favorites and I have it on many of my Spotify playlists.

3. Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

Somewhere between my early adolescence and now I discovered a part of myself and that part is my gypsy soul. Not so much wanting to live in different places (although that would be cool,) but the travel and adventure, I crave it as much as I crave a slice of key lime pie, or a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.

While discovering my inner gypsy who also loves flowy skirts, everything Bohemian, and bright, vibrant colors, I fell in love with Stevie Nicks.

This song, in my humble opinion, is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written, it comes from a very deep place, it’s raw, visceral emotion written in ink, spilled into rhythm, and I feel ever ounce of it. These types of songs and song lyrics are my absolute favorites!!

4. Free Me by Joss Stone

I was introduced to Joss Stone by Amanda and how could I have not fallen in love with her?! Oh my gosh, I just can’t get enough!! She sings from her soul and it’s so beautiful. She’s an inspiration and I find myself adding more and more of her songs to all of my playlists!!

I especially love the message in this song, don’t ever give up on your dreams, no matter how far fetched they might seem!

Highlights of the Week:

wine-glass-outline-hiFree Jelly Belly’s. I placed a fairly large order for the office earlier this week through Quill, and so to thank me they sent free Jelly Belly jelly beans! My coworkers and I have been fighting over the popcorn flavored ones, but the amazing thing is there’s been a lot of tension in the office lately, but somehow, these jelly beans have brought us all together, we gather around them in the afternoon and share stories, laugh, and we’ve all bonded.

wine-glass-outline-hiDestination Wedding! I watched this movie for the first time this week, and I really enjoyed it. Particularly the scene where Keanu Reeves character compliments Winona Ryder’s face by giving her a rather scientific explanation of why he finds her to be attractive! It’s just so funny and heartwarming all at the same time!!

wine-glass-outline-hiLast evening, sitting on Amanda’s deck, catching each other up on our lives, watching the dark rain clouds open to filter in the sunlight, turning back to dark as dusk falls, inhaling that glorious scent of air right before it rains, the cool, spring breeze whipping through my hair, and sipping a wine I had never tried before.


wine-glass-outline-hiDiscovering an app that allows me to put my quotes and poetry over photos. I was introduced to this app called “YourQuoteApp” by Brandy, and I dearly love it. I will be posting some of said quotes in a post later on.

wine-glass-outline-hiThis conversation with a friend that had me giggling for a good 5 minutes:


Lol! I’m feeling better already!!

Random Loves:

Spring/Summer Scents:

Pink Sands by Yankee Candle. This time of year, I break out this candle, it reminds me of the beach, sunshine, and all of the wonderful things about summer weather!

pink sands










A charcoal grill:

charcoal grill









Fresh lavender:


Freshly cut grass




Salt Water:

I literally crave the Ocean and everything about it!! The feel of the waves hugging my body, the smell, the sight, the sound, EVERYTHING!!!


Ocean City, MD! I could spend hours sitting right here, staring at the ocean, and letting the waves kiss my ankles.



One of my all time favorite episodes of Supernatural is episode 6 of Season 4, titled “Yellow Fever.” In the episode Dean Winchester, my favorite character gets the disease which makes him itchy, among other things, it’s just a really funny episode! Anyway, the actor who plays Dean, Jensen Ackles, is a major goofball, and he makes up choreography to “Eye of The Tiger,” at the end of the episode. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it, and it still makes me chuckle. I greatly admire Jensen!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, and to all of my American followers, a very happy Memorial Day!!

Stay weird and great!

Love & life lessons,


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Listen To The Music #3

I owe the love of many of  my favorite things, some of my knowledge, and my sense of humor to my brother. He has taught me so much about life, pop culture, and how to recognize beautiful souls. Being 11 years my senior, he had a big hand in my upbringing, he is my confidant, my best advice giver, my go to joke person, and the best gift my parents ever gave me!


When I was around 4 or 5 my brother introduced me to one of my favorite bands:


I know you’re all surprised right?? I mean who would have ever thought I liked Metallica? It’s not like I posted 8,789 posts about them when I attended their concert last October! Haha.

I actually get that a lot, though:

“What? You like Metallica? But your so sweet….”

My response is always “And…….?”

Anyway, I was probably the only kid in kindergarten who knew all the words to “Sad But True.”

Imagine this little 5-year-old going around singing “Do my dirty work, scapegoat!”


Metallica has been there for many of the ups and downs in my life. Their music has helped me through anger, grief, bouts of depression, they motivate me to workout, clean my house, and drive fast. Yeah, I’m sure they’re to blame for a speeding ticket or too. But one cannot listen to “Give Me Fuel,” and not drive fast!!

I met my husband and he too is a huge Metallica fan, so of course, we had to play them at our wedding!

I remember looking over at my brother when this song started playing at the reception and he gave me the nod of approval.


I saw them live for the first time last October and it blew my mind!! My neck hurt from headbanging, my throat hurt from screaming, and my ears wouldn’t stop ringing for days to come, but it was all so worth it, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!

I have a lot of admiration for these men, as humans, as musicians, and song writers.

Metallica, one of the biggest bands in the soundtrack of my life!!

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites:

Hero Of The Day

Until It Sleeps


Don’t Tread On Me


Favorite Covers:

Turn The Page (Original by Bob Seger)

Loverman (Original by Nick Cave)

Whiskey In The Jar (An old Irish Drinking Song, made famous by Thin Lizzy)

Am I Evil (Original by Diamondhead)


Love & life lessons,


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Image Credit: Saatchi Art

It is okay to just be broken,

come home to me just as you are.


I won’t ask you about the wrong’s you have done,

there’s no judgement here, your past is yours.


I won’t try to change you into something you’re not,

that is not what love is about.


Come lay your head upon my chest,

and put your insecurities to sleep.


It breaks my heart that you know pain,

don’t be afraid to weep.


I’ve always been drawn to the sensitive ones,

I promise I won’t ever see you as weak.


All you have to do my dear, is say my name and I’ll come running.

My heart is yours to keep.


Kristian L. Weigman



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Wordless Wednesday #27 – Sunsets

If any of you follow me on any of my other social media sites, you have probably gathered that I have a bit of an obsession with sunrises and sunsets. I have decided to start a collection of some of the ones I have taken, and I thought I’d share those with you, these are not all of them, but these are some of my most favorite!

Please note that all pictures have been taken by yours truly. Some of them have been touched up to enhance lighting, clarity, or to sharpen, but no filters have been added. The colors you see are how the camera captured it.



While driving down a back road on my way to download Oakland, Maryland I spotted this beauty and had to pull over so I could capture it!


Different angle of the same place as the photo above.


I took this gem in a parking lot at a local grocery store in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland.


This is the view off of my front porch. Deer Park, Maryland.


Sunset reflection in a driveway puddle after a heavy rainfall. Deer Park, Maryland


This one turned out a little grainy, I need to go back and smooth it, but you get the idea. Cotton Candy sky, Deer Park, Maryland.


I almost always see the most picturesque skies in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Oakland, Maryland


Leaving work one evening a few years back when I worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Downtown Oakland, Maryland.


Trinity Lake, Trinity, California.


Weston, Vermont.


Another different angle shot. Weston, Vermont.


Okemo Mountain, Ludlow, Vermont.


The top of Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont.


Weston, Vermont. This is one of my absolute favorites!!


Behind the golf course in Oakland, Maryland. I have many different pictures of the same sunset. These are taken from my best friend, Amanda’s deck. I hope to get some more tomorrow (5/23/19)!!


Another golf course sunset. Oakland, Maryland.


Half Moon Bay, California


Another Wal-Mart parking lot sunset. Oakland, Maryland


Yet again, another Wal-Mart sunset… see what I mean? Oakland, Maryland.


An Autumnal sunset in Deer Park, Maryland

I hope you enjoyed these, I’ll save the sunrises for a different post since there’s already so many of these, and these aren’t even all of the sunset pictures I have.

Love & life lessons,



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Me In A Song

John, author of the Eclectic Contrarian created this tag, and how can I resist anything that deals with music?

In John’s own words:

Have you a song that you think are just about you? I challenge you to post it! (Or them)


Post song(s) and tell why they’re about you.

You may nominate others but don’t have to. This is about getting to know you and having fun.

This. Is. Kristian! (Did you read that like “This. Is. Sparta?” That’s how it went in my head. Haha!)

In The Blood by John Mayer

This phrase especially:

“How much of my mother has my mother left in me?
How much of my love will be insane to some degree?
And what about this feeling that I’m never good enough?
Will it wash out in the water, or is it always in the blood?

I have spoke before of my issues with my mom. I love her dearly and she was a wonderful woman and mother, however; there are somethings she said and did that just made me feel like she was putting me down.

I’ve been heartbroken so many times, and the words and actions of even some of the people I love most in this world, or at the very least, I held dear to me at one time still remain, and those words and actions make me feel like a part of me will never be good enough for anyone or anything. I’ve come a long way, but those thoughts still creep in from time to time.

The very first time I heard this song I was driving in my car and I had to pull over and let John Mayer’s words just flow over me. I felt them so deeply, I felt like he looked into my soul and wrote the words I had written there. It moved me to tears, and it still gives me chills at how much these lyrics get me.


Unforgiven II by Metallica

Think what you will of my beloved Metallica, but they are not always the heavy and angry souls people tend to associate with Heavy Metal. These lyrics are so deep and they touch my heart. There are very few people on this planet whom I feel truly understand me, but when I find those connections, I hold on as tightly as I can. I have found that it’s the broken, the scarred, and the beaten souls that connect with mine the most.


Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks says that this song has many meanings, she wrote it for Lindsey, but she also wrote it before her dad died, realizing that her world was about to crumble down around her. I’ve always got that, this song always made me feel the strong connection I have with my own father, and after losing my mother and realizing how fast time continues to go I just dread losing him all the more, but I know one day I’m going to face that too. I also worry that my husband is going to make me a widow while I’m still fairly young, and then what? The line “Well I’ve been afraid of changin’ cause I’ve built my life around you,” really strikes a nerve with me now….

I’m sure if I really wanted to delve further I could think of even more songs I identify with, but I’m going to stop here because the tears are flowing pretty freely now.

I took my love, I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills
‘Till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?Can the child within my heart rise above?

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too
Oh, I’m getting older too

Oh, take my love, take it down
Oh, climb a mountain and turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down, oh oh
The landslide will bring it down

Thank you for creating this tag John, despite the tears, I really enjoyed it!

Love & life lessons,


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Thank You Mondays #21

Every Friday Jimmy Fallon writes “Thank You” notes to random people or places. I have decided to take a spin on that, only my “Thank You” notes will be sincere because I don’t  say thank you nearly enough to the people in my life, and I will also do “Thank you Monday’s,” so I can start my week off on a positive note!

I have done a Thank you to Christen before, so this is my 2nd thank you note to her.

My 21st Thank You goes to my friend and fellow blogger, Brandy, author of Nova’s Namaste 365 Online


I want to say thank you for your friendship. For your beautiful comments, your support, and for becoming a pen pal!!

I love that we have so much in common, and can laugh about the things we don’t, *ahem* Baseball!!

I have come to adore you and your girls!!

Thank you also for introducing me to some of my new favorite things, so many wonderful and supportive bloggers, and The Your Quote App, where I can combine two of my favorite things, photography and writing!!

You are awesome, girl!!

Love & many thanks,



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May Writing Prompt Challenge

Every Month Didi Oviatt creates a writing prompt, and the only rule is to use the characters from our current WIP and write about the topic provided. You can read Didi’s original post below:

Didi’s May Writing Prompt Challenge

For your reading pleasure, please enjoy

Beach Campfires


Michael sat on the boardwalk, watching Cara as she twirled around the campfire, her heels kicking up the sand. Michael was overly stressed at work, his boss cutting it way to close to deadlines and relying on him to pick up the slack even though it wasn’t his job. He hadn’t wanted to come, but Cara looked at him with those big, blue eyes, and pouted her lip and there was no way he could tell her no. He was trying desperately to focus his attention on his emails, but his eyes kept catching sight of the beautiful woman he was lucky enough to call his. She was wearing a black, spaghetti strap sundress that came to her knees, sunflowers were printed on the delicate fabric that hugged her curves. He loved seeing her like this, relaxed, head leaned back in laughter as she danced along to her favorite songs with her best friends, and consuming maybe just a tad more wine than she should.

He chuckled as she ran out to the ocean, smiling ear to ear, kicking up water and laughing like a child. His chuckle stopped suddenly as his breath caught in his throat when she shed her dress, revealing a lacy swimsuit. He couldn’t believe he almost didn’t come and he scoffed at the memory.

But Michael, if you don’t come how am I supposed to show you off to my friends? They’ve been dying to meet you!” She pleaded.

There will be other chances, my love,” he paused to stroke her face. “Why don’t you just have a girls getaway and we’ll all have dinner or something when you get back?”

Their boyfriends are coming too, please Michael?” She looked at him with her puppy dog eyes.

Not the lip, Cara, you know I can’t resist it.”

She pouted out her bottom lip, “Please, Michael?”

He sighed in defeat. “You don’t play fair.”

I only use it when absolutely necessary.” She gloated.

And this is necessary?”

Of course it is,” she walked up to him, running her hands over his broad chest and shoulders. “Not only will I get the chance to show off my incredibly handsome, sweet, funny man, but you can take a break from work. You’ve been so stressed out lately, don’t you want some time to just kick back and relax?”

He cupped her face in his hands. “My love, always so worried about me. He kissed her forehead. Yes, but camping?”

She laughed. “It’ll be fun, city boy, I promise.”

He had promised her he would relax and have fun this weekend, but he was breaking that promise, sitting on the boardwalk, answering emails. ‘Work can wait,’  he thought to himself. He took off his shirt and ran into the ocean behind her, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her in his arms. “I’m sorry I broke my promise.” He said.

“I knew you’d come around,” she replied, reaching into the ocean and bringing her hand up to splash water in his face.

“Oh, it’s on, little lady.”He gently placed her back in the water only to splash her back. Her friends, Mandy and Christine joined her in battle.

“This is hardly fair.” He replied, trying to keep up with all three ladies until the other boyfriends joined Michael and it became an all out splash war.

As evening faded into night Michael decided to impress Cara’s friends with his cooking skills. He had already prepared the sausage and potato hash, all he had to do was put in the cast iron dutch oven over the fire.

The group sat around the fire, eating the delicious meal Michael had prepared, sharing laughs and stories. Cara and her sweet tooth, of course had to make S’mores, biting into the sweet concoction, some melted marshmallow remained in the corners of her mouth. Michael, smiled at her, swiping his thumb to remove the remaining marshmallow and licking his thumb clean. Cara swallowed thickly, she wasn’t sure if it was the fire reflecting in his eyes, the way he was looking at her lips, or the feel of skin brushing hers, but she became increasingly aroused.

They headed back to their tent earlier than the rest, talking and cuddling until drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Cara woke to find the sleeping bag next to hers empty. She popped her head out of the tent to find Michael making campfire coffee. “It’s so early,” she moaned. “The sun isn’t even up yet.”

He handed her a cup. “That’s the point, sleepy head, get dressed, we’re going to watch the sunrise.”

She savored the delicious liquid and basked in it’s warmth. She threw on the sundress from the night before and took Michael’s awaiting hand. They walked hand in hand along the shore until the sun started to rise, where they sat at the Ocean’s edge and watched as the sun rose over the Atlantic. Colors of oranges, pinks, and yellow painted the sky and Michael watched as Cara snapped picture after picture, he loved these moments with her, amazed at no matter how many times she witnessed a sunset or sunrise she always stared in wonder.

He took her in his arms, stealing kisses, swaying her, although there was no music, and whispering praises in her ear. Lost in their own little world they failed to notice their ornery friends and their water guns, both of them screaming at the feel of ice, cold water on their skin. Michael took Cara’s hand and they started running away, both of them laughing and feeling like teenagers.

Michael looked up to the sky, shooting a quick thanks to God for his beautiful Cara and her pouty lip that he couldn’t resist.

I love these challenges so much, and I genuinely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you, Didi!!

Love & life lessons,


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Friday Favorites #3

Welcome back all of you beautiful souls!!

friday 2

Bahaha!! So me!! Image Credit: Sweatpants & Coffee

Well, I came into work today, started up my computer, and my windows 10 updates were finally installed!! My IT buddy (the one I actually like, not Mr. Women Shouldn’t Be In Management,) and I did a happy dance in my office!!


Gif credit: Giphy

It really is the little things!!

Top 4 Songs on Repeat This Week:

  1. Wild Wild West by The Escape Club

My friend, Christen and I like to share some of our favorite songs that we listen to on Spotify to our Instagram stories. It’s fun to see each other’s recommendations, and I came across “Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello, and the beat made me think of this song, so I’ve been jamming to it all week!!

2. The Grass is Blue by Norah Jones

This song is originally by Dolly Parton, however; I was introduced this cover last summer and I fell in love with it.

3. Smooth by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas

I have held a love for this song since the first time I heard it years ago. It’s another one that makes me want to sway my hips!

4. Love Alive By Heart

I am a HUGE Heart fan, but I especially love this song!!

Highlight of The Week:

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngCoffee, lots and lots of coffee!!!

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngLarge spikes of attention on the blog. I normally don’t pay attention to the                             stats, but this boosts my confidence as a writer. 🙂

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngDiscovering new music!!

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngSandalwood incense, my favorite bottle of wine, a London fog, a bubble bath,                       adult coring books, writing, and lavender oil – all to help me cope with stress.

Random Loves:


Keanu Reeves! I have liked him for as long as I can remember, but I earned a new found respect for him after discovering the life he has led. His father left when he was only 3-years-old. He has lost the closest people to him, including his best friend, daughter, lover, and sister. He struggled with dyslexia, and despite all of this, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet.

You can read more about his life here:

The Tragic Life of Keanu Reeves

Despite living the life of a movie star and being worth millions, Keanu lives a simple lifestyle, he’s incredibly humble, and just a beautiful soul that deserves recognition!

Just watch this video that highlights some of the wonderful things this wonderful man has done throughout his career:

I’d love to shake his hand one day!! Awesome job, Keanu!!


snoopy laugh

Another one of my favorite celebrities is Paul Rudd, which I have spoke of in the past. Here is an interview with him and Jason Segel that had me rolling!!

I hope all of you have a fantabulous (that’s a word now) weekend!!

Stay weird and great!

Love & life lessons,





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Beneath The Willow Tree Part 1

This is the prequel to The Cadillac Lounge




Dean sat at the edge of his bed with his head in his hands, listening to the rain pelt against the glass like the steady beat of a drum. His head was flooded with words, all of the words he wanted to say.

Fuck this,” he said out loud to himself.

He opened his laptop and wrote the words he wasn’t sure he’d ever send.

Dean had been talking to Lorraine for a very long time. She had emailed him years ago, without realizing that he was an avid follower of her blog, falling in love with every blessed word she let pour from her heart onto paper. She was looking for a book editor and he had gladly accepted the job, knowing the risk of getting to know her better would only lead to his inevitable fall,

After learning that he too, had a blog, Lorraine followed him leaving beautiful comments on his posts, making him feel like a better writer, and sometimes, man. She had such a way with words,she made something as simple as complimenting an art form. He couldn’t help it, he was doomed. She was different. She was fun, beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. Lord, was she sweet. Her kindness and compassion was genuine and rare and he couldn’t help but be drawn by that difference. Beautiful souls had always been a weakness of his, but she was something special, she had been handed a life of trials that would have left others bitter and weak. Yet here she stood, strong, and not letting the winter winds change her summer mood. She was a beautiful sunset, full of full bodied colors of orange, pink, and yellow after a storm.

It broke his heart to know that she had been hurt so many times in the past, and even now, her husband had completely broken her heart, and while she never truly came right out and said it, he could read between her lines.

He knew she wouldn’t leave her husband, that was part of her irresistible charm. She was devoted, loyal, and honest, so he would write the words that he might share with her if the future allows it, what he didn’t know was that the future was sooner than he expected, and their future would begin as soon as he opened her latest email….

To be continued…..

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Where Procrastination Leads…

Yesterday evening, when I should have been cleaning I was sat in bed, procrastinating, perusing Twitter when I came across a post from Brandy, author of Nova’s Namaste 365 Online and I found a song I had never heard before:

Return To The Wild By Tobu

This led me to wander deep into the YouTube rabbit hole and I came across this lovely gem:

I was instantly taken by Jamie Mclean’s voice so I started watching his videos, and oh. my. gawd. He’s a fabulous guitar player!! *swoon*

Crazy About You

Sing It

Let’s Get Out Of Here

Tonight, after such a frustrating day at work I am chillaxin, drinking some wine and getting lost in the music.

wednesday vibes.jpg

What music can’t you get enough of lately? C’mon, share some tunes with me!!

Love & life lessons,


*Earrings courtesy of RunawayGypsyCat. Interested? Let me know!

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