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That Really Burns My Biscuits! #3

Ya know what really burns my biscuits? Passive Aggressive Behavior!! I work with a couple of passive aggressive people. They will intentionally wait until the last minute to finish their portion of a report or project that I need to … Continue reading

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The Tug of the Past

I was raised on dog eared pages of cookbooks and handwritten recipe cards bowls and beaters cleaned by my lips my hands tugging on my mother’s apron strings yearning for more now it is I, who wears the apron still … Continue reading

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Soulful Sunday #13 – What Makes The World Go ‘Round?

What Makes The World Go ‘Round? Many people have asked this question, and many people have different answers. So what is it? Money? Coffee? Fat Bottomed Girls? What do I think? I love watching Ted Talks, and my husband introduced … Continue reading

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Hello Darlin’….. It’s Been A Long Time

As I sat down to work on my novel tonight, the realization struck me that it has been a long time since I have written anything. Oh, how I’ve missed this! I felt so bad for neglecting it. Really! I … Continue reading

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The Sparkle

Last month, for my birthday, my best friends gave me one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a very long time. I spent days talking about the cakes Amanda made for me, the decorations, the party, all of it! … Continue reading

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Marriage Is Hard?

Yesterday I read an article about a woman who was overcome with jealousy after talking with a friend who was about to go on a first date. The friend spoke of how she was nervous, she wondered if he would … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Traditions

There is something about Thanksgiving that fills my heart with joy and takes me back to the house that always smelled like butter. I remember butter pools on homemade biscuits and butter lava pouring from white creamy volcanoes and rivers … Continue reading

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The Barnabas & Sunshine Blogger Awards

I have been nominated for two awards. I don’t usually participate in awards, however; I do enjoy answering the questions, and I feel that this is a great way for us to get to know the authors behind the blogs! … Continue reading

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The Weekly Smile -6 Days of 35

I was going to write this just as a regular post, but then I remembered that Trent, author of Trent’s World has a weekly smile post where he encourages all of us to share what made us smile the previous … Continue reading

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The Woman I Am (A birthday tribute to those who helped shape me)

  I have always been taken with things that have age and history – It is not growing older that bothers me it’s the realization that time is fleeting time is fickle – time is ephemeral – ∗∗∗ But I … Continue reading

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