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Dorothea’s Granddaughter

On a handmade bookshelf in the corner of my living room sits a scrapbook overflowing with memories. On the very first page there is a picture of a baby with a lopsided smile and a dimple not quite on the … Continue reading

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every eveningmy feet carry meup the hillto the cemeteryto watch the sky the changingof the seasonsreminds mehow ephemeraltime is for the moongreets the sunearliernow that the leavesare dying there’s a comfort hereamongst the ghostsof wheat fieldsand the spiritsof past voices … Continue reading

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Dreams to Remember

Last night, I had a wonderful dream the lead-up is unclear but I remember the moonlight filtering through the shades on the bedroom window highlighting the dimple in your cheek and your eyes, peering into my soul The air was … Continue reading

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“Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”

Such peculiar things – life and time. Both moving forward never looking over their shoulders. Yet, as I sit here I can’t help but think of past times, moments that feel like lifetime’s ago and at the same time feel … Continue reading

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The Golden Hour

They call this the golden hour—when the sun paints its lighton the nature it has traveledlightyears to touch when the sky blushesshades of crimsonat the witness ofsuch spectacular beauty I am lucky to capturesuch a spectaclebut the golden momentsof the … Continue reading

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Sundays in Winter

Every sunday in winterhe would wakeand put on his Carharttto go shovel the drivewayafter 10 hour daysspent through the weekclearing the roadsNobody thanked him. He’d come in from the coldthrow coal in the furnacemake sure his family was warmHe’d start … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Waterfall

Once, on a hike through a forest on a back road in the Appalachian mountains I came across a hidden gem of the most important element- water, cascading a small, sunken emerald green pool of reflecting light caught the falling … Continue reading

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Beauty and Love

I’m not sureif I believe in god—but there is somethingaboutwarm summer nightsand9:00 pm sunsetsthat make me believein Beauty I’m not sureif I believe in god—but there is somethingaboutthis mansitting next to mewho woulddieto save my woesthat makes me believein Love … Continue reading

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You and I

We must stop the haunting ways we think and dust the cobwebs of doubt away. We must fight the demons that whisper we are not good enough for each other, my love. I cannot speak for you, but, you spend … Continue reading

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Nothing Gold Ever Stays

I am taken with my skin when concealed by the thinnest cloth and bathed in sunlight when I stand still long enough to watch the light make love to the dark I feel the most understood – for that juxtaposition … Continue reading

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