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Almost Heaven

I am from a place where highways border byways and backroads border fields A state that borders one state and another Where a2 +b2 =c2 A hypotenuse of coal mines and train whistles and Blue Ridge Mountains Where country roads lead to … Continue reading

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Father Time

I have been looking back through my old poems. I am thinking of self publishing a book of poetry soon, and I came across this gem. This is still one of my all time favorites of all the poems I … Continue reading

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The Perfectly Imperfect

When I find myself in times of darkness when the weight of the world becomes too much to bear— and I’m left feeling disheartened by humanity— I remind myself of the beauty I find in the imperfect I truly believe … Continue reading

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The In Between

If you ever need me, you’ll find me in the in between- between night and day, just as the sun has set and the moon hangs low in the sky. You’ll find me between the pages of a book amongst … Continue reading

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Kissing Summer Goodbye

I love these moments behind the wheel chasing sunsets my mind finally still. No one before me no one behind, just me and the highway, and this sweet Jeep of mine. Windows down- The sun is fading fast. Metallica’s blaring … Continue reading

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Beautiful Endings & Colorful Beginnings

Sitting amongst the goldenrod and dying cattails watching as the sun sets on another day and another season Listening to the bugs sing their night symphonies If it had not been for the autumnal wind rustling the corn husks and … Continue reading

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Small Gestures

I believe there is great meaning behind small gestures− Paying for a strangers coffee holding the door open for people overtipping and smiling, even when I don’t feel like it     Chasing a child’s ball down the sidewalk and … Continue reading

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The Wolf’s Howling

One of my favorite bloggers, Mathew, of Blog of the Wolf Boy has posted a challenge for us to enter to win a signed copy of his book, “Emotions in Motion.” He asked us to create a piece, whether it … Continue reading

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With Nothing Of Note

I believe there is sunshine in remembering these moments – with nothing of note except time, and laughter, and life shared. My head thrown back, dark curls caressing my shoulders, and laughter bellowing from the depths of my soul. ∗∗∗ … Continue reading

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Train to Heaven (Falling Into Autumn Challenge) 16 Days!

Hello, beautiful souls, Nova & I have been on hiatus from the countdown challenges, but we’re back!! I was in desperate need of a distraction, after two events of bad news yesterday: A phone call in the morning, telling me … Continue reading

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