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Do You Believe In Magic?

How could I not believe in magic when there are galaxies in your eyes? When the stardust in your hands longs for the touch of my thighs? Don’t you find it strange how we’re a part of something bigger? How … Continue reading

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If I Could Go Back In Time

i would travel to fifteen and tell her to hold her head high to not compare herself to other girls now or at thirty-five for we are not the kind of beautiful that turns heads or steals breaths we are … Continue reading

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I am just a pawn with paths laid out before me moving pace by pace- *** Dark & light intertwined before me, behind me, within me- *** Seduced by freedom from the mundane my soul seeks adventure- *** Stuck on … Continue reading

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Dancing in Seconds

I’m drenched in madness tangled in blue I’m walking barefoot through icy streams and I’m here with you My body is crying and screaming out and I know you’ve built up walls but that won’t stop me from walking and … Continue reading

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Where Do I Go From Here?

It’s not the darkness that haunts me nor is it the fear of the unknown It is this feeling of being lost the wandering the now that I don’t like.   I am deep in the woods and the branches … Continue reading

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I Will Rise

right now at this very moment the wolf inside is trying to free herself of me to sink her teeth into flesh but as she bares them, growling she fades away to nothing the dragon that lives in my chest … Continue reading

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In These Times

Sometimes I stop and stare at rock formations and gaze in wonder at how they once lived beneath the ocean. We are all currently standing between two rocks where the grass grows uphill and before us lies a revolutionary path … Continue reading

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Wasting My Hate

You feed the world with your lies turn your cheek while your baby cries Your blackened soul has turned to stone point your finger for the knives you’ve thrown   Don’t want to waste my hate on you slimy, greedy, … Continue reading

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Write Me

I want to go down on your thoughts and completely blow my mind I want our words a tangled mess a oneness so divine Don’t you know I am addicted to the pretty words you use and I think I … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Poetry: There Is No Such Thing As Caring Too Much

I wrote this poem last year, but it seems fitting for today. I should have used this one as my pandemic poem, the world needs more altruism. Love & life lessons, Kristian The world has told me that I “care … Continue reading

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