Poetic Captions #8

Wishing you inspiration!

Love & life lessons,


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15 Responses to Poetic Captions #8

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Those are great earrings! And orange is a great color!

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  2. The poem on being lavendar flowers is beautiful! Well done.
    Wishing you inspiration, love and light, Kristian. Cheers

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    I always enjoy this series. Nature is a wonderous gift and deserves to be protected and respected. Could not pick a favorite, so I guess now I know how that feels. Well written, my friend!

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  4. utahan15 says:

    sorry no can do
    from me to you
    cos i am ten thumbs

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  5. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but you give us a picture and then conjure up the perfect sentiments in much less than a thousand words. I am in 110% agreement about hand-made gifts. I always said I’d rather have a hand-picked bouquet from the side of the road than a dozen red roses, because anyone can call a florist but it takes time and thought to hand-pick a bouquet. I still remember the year that Brad made each of us a homemade stromboli for Christmas, and it still rates up high on the list of gifts I’m most happy to have received! It WAS delicious, but more importantly, he put time and effort into it, which was the true gift!

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    • kristianw84 says:

      Thank you so much, my friend. I enjoy the challenge of finding the sentiments to match the photographs, and in some cases, vice-versa.

      I have said the same thing about handpicked flowers over roses from a florist. It could be something as simple as my favorite candy from the gas station. Just that little something that says, “I saw this and thought of you.” Those gifts are the best! We really are so much alike!

      I love the story of Brad making stromboli for Christmas gifts. Gifts from the kitchen are always wonderful! As you mentioned, it is the thought, time and effort he put into it that makes the gift meaningful.

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  6. I saw orange shoes today, and I have never orange shoes, only online. Now I’m seeing orange everywhere! It’s a lovely bright colour ❤

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