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Thank You Mondays. Part 1

  Every Friday Jimmy Fallon writes ‘thank you” notes to random people or places. I have decided to take a spin on that, only my “thank you” notes will be sincere because I don’t nearly say thank you enough to … Continue reading

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Stop the hate!

I keep seeing posts on social media about how Americans shouldn’t be outraged over refugees when we have American citizens that are homeless. Why can’t I be outraged over both? You want to talk about ways to help our homeless … Continue reading

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What it’s like to be a highly sensitive and emotional person

People are sometimes confused at how quickly I can cry, how quickly I can become attached to someone, including fictional characters. There’s one thing you must understand,  I give everything I have when it involves the people I am close … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things #5

The song “Time” by Pink Floyd is one of my favorites, however; that is not what this post is about. One of my Christmas gifts to Neil was the gift of time. Every month we will set aside some time … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Gratitude, Last Post

Week 52: Did this challenge change you? I have always tried to be grateful for everything, so I can’t say that this challenge has changed me dramatically, however; this challenge did help me to see that I have not been … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Gratitude. Week 51

Week 51: 100 Things to be thankful for. In no particular order of importance, other than number one, of course!! 1.) My husband, who has been my rock in my darkest hours, who has been my light in my brightest … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Gratitude. Week 50 (Catch up)

Week 50: Lessons Learned this year I started this challenge in February of last year because I wanted to get out of my depression from losing my mom. I have learned a lot of lessons throughout this year. Here are … Continue reading

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52 weeks of Gratitude. Week 49

Week 49: Things you like about Winter Winter is not my favorite month, but there are some things about winter that I do enjoy! When fresh snow lays on the bare tress, making everything look clean and beautiful. Cuddling up … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things #4

Have you guys ever seen “Kid Snippets” by Bored Shorts on YouTube? I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already! I love these!! I am going to share a few of my favorites with you! I hope … Continue reading

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Gratitude Challenge. Weeks 46-48

Week 46: Technology I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it when it works and I hate it when it doesn’t. I think this is true for everyone. I am grateful for technology though. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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