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The Dream Chase, Part Two (Updated)

You might have noticed the disappearing act of my last post. I realized I had bogged the story down with a lot of information that didn’t propel it forward, so I scrapped it and came up with something better. I … Continue reading

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The Dream Chase Part One

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Karmen was literally running in high heels because she was ten minutes late to meet her best friend, Miranda, at the Baker Street Bistro, their … Continue reading

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“Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”

Such peculiar things – life and time. Both moving forward never looking over their shoulders. Yet, as I sit here I can’t help but think of past times, moments that feel like lifetime’s ago and at the same time feel … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

I don’t typically do tags or awards, but it has been a while since I have written a blog post, and while I do have all kinds of thoughts rattling around in my brain, I figure a questionnaire is a … Continue reading

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The Golden Hour

They call this the golden hour—when the sun paints its lighton the nature it has traveledlightyears to touch when the sky blushesshades of crimsonat the witness ofsuch spectacular beauty I am lucky to capturesuch a spectaclebut the golden momentsof the … Continue reading

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The Nothing Fight, Part Two

Hello, beautiful souls, If you are unfamiliar with “The Nothing Fight,” I highly recommend you check out Part One before reading this post. The Nothing Fight, Part One Since the start of the pandemic, I have been utilizing the Walmart … Continue reading

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Searching for Harry

Before I start into this story I want to apologize for jumping around so much. I appreciate all of the support you guys give me; however, I know what I am capable of, and the stories I have been writing … Continue reading

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People Are Strange, When You’re a Stranger

   I am currently in Baltimore, visiting family. I have enjoyed some quality time with my one-year-old niece, who loves to laugh as much as I do and can make me laugh with a simple grunt or a smile so … Continue reading

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Glencoe Dreams, Part Four

 Glencoe Dreams, Part One Glencoe Dreams, Part Two GLencoe Dreams, Part Three Glencoe Dreams, Part Four  The three ladies were waiting outside when Kent pulled up to the front of the hotel in his RV. It was small, nothing fancy, … Continue reading

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Glencoe Dreams, Part Three

Glencoe Dreams, Part One Glencoe Dreams, Part Two * Author’s note: I realize this story fell on the back burner. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to it, but the past three weeks have … Continue reading

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