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Dorothea’s Granddaughter

On a handmade bookshelf in the corner of my living room sits a scrapbook overflowing with memories. On the very first page there is a picture of a baby with a lopsided smile and a dimple not quite on the … Continue reading

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Changes in Mindset – On Health

Many of you know, I lost my mother on the day after Christmas, six years ago. Her loss hit me very hard, and I slipped into a deep depression for years. I have slowly brought myself out of that depression, … Continue reading

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Adding Fuel to the Fire

We didn’t start the fireIt was always burning since the world’s been turningWe didn’t start the fireNo, we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it – Billy Joel Regular readers of this blog know that music has always … Continue reading

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The Dream Chase, Part Four

Atticus was right on time, and Karmen needed just one minute. “Please come in. I just want to grab my sunglasses.” He nodded, taking a step inside and glancing around. Everything was orderly, books lined every shelf, as well as … Continue reading

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every eveningmy feet carry meup the hillto the cemeteryto watch the sky the changingof the seasonsreminds mehow ephemeraltime is for the moongreets the sunearliernow that the leavesare dying there’s a comfort hereamongst the ghostsof wheat fieldsand the spiritsof past voices … Continue reading

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The Dream Chase, Part Three

The Dream Chase, Part One The Dream Chase, Part Two The following morning, Karmen awoke to find Atticus had followed her on all her social media accounts, and he commented on her latest selfie with “What a wonderful picture.” Karmen … Continue reading

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You’ve Got That Nostalgic Feeling

Some songs and movies from our past do not have the most outstanding quality or originality, but they give us that sense of familiarness, a reminder of a simpler time. (I sound so old.) So, just because they might be … Continue reading

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Dreams to Remember

Last night, I had a wonderful dream the lead-up is unclear but I remember the moonlight filtering through the shades on the bedroom window highlighting the dimple in your cheek and your eyes, peering into my soul The air was … Continue reading

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The Dream Chase, Part Two (Updated)

You might have noticed the disappearing act of my last post. I realized I had bogged the story down with a lot of information that didn’t propel it forward, so I scrapped it and came up with something better. I … Continue reading

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The Dream Chase Part One

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Karmen was literally running in high heels because she was ten minutes late to meet her best friend, Miranda, at the Baker Street Bistro, their … Continue reading

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