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Almost Heaven

I am from a place where highways border byways and backroads border fields A state that borders one state and another Where a2 +b2 =c2 A hypotenuse of coal mines and train whistles and Blue Ridge Mountains Where country roads lead to … Continue reading

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Boisterous Laughter

  I have found a podcast that I absolutely love. It’s called “Life Is Short with Justin Long.”   Justin is very funny and loves puns, just like I do, which is part of his charm, but he designed this … Continue reading

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The House Next Door

Hello boys and ghouls, Today I want to tell you a story about the house next door. I am not sure what it is exactly about this house that draws me to it, but I have been feeling compelled to … Continue reading

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Random Hiccups, Empathy, And A Halloween Wreath

I have learned that I am extremely clumsy, laugh at the most inappropriate times, and will unintentionally divert attention to myself. I have accepted this & embrace it, and just laugh it off, but sometimes it’s completely out of my … Continue reading

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Red Heels And Spilled Apples

The lovely and talented Mel, author of Crushed Caramel (Learner at Love) has nominated me for a Tell The Story Challenge. Ya’all know how much I love story prompts, so there was no way I couldn’t participate in this one. … Continue reading

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Father Time

I have been looking back through my old poems. I am thinking of self publishing a book of poetry soon, and I came across this gem. This is still one of my all time favorites of all the poems I … Continue reading

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Nourishment and Time

I was a baby when I fell in love with October- Colorful leaves & pumpkins, crisp air & Oktoberfest- In a very special place, in a very special town. It was in this parking lot, in that same special town- … Continue reading

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The Perfectly Imperfect

When I find myself in times of darkness when the weight of the world becomes too much to bear— and I’m left feeling disheartened by humanity— I remind myself of the beauty I find in the imperfect I truly believe … Continue reading

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Late September Night

Every Month Didi Oviatt creates a writing prompt, and the only rule is to use the characters from our current WIP and write about the topic provided. You can read Didi’s original post below: September Prompt: Anniversary Late September Night … Continue reading

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The In Between

If you ever need me, you’ll find me in the in between- between night and day, just as the sun has set and the moon hangs low in the sky. You’ll find me between the pages of a book amongst … Continue reading

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