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Sundays in Winter

Every sunday in winterhe would wakeand put on his Carharttto go shovel the drivewayafter 10 hour daysspent through the weekclearing the roadsNobody thanked him. He’d come in from the coldthrow coal in the furnacemake sure his family was warmHe’d start … Continue reading

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Glencoe Dreams, Part Two

Glencoe Dreams, Part One The sun was so hot that 4th of July, one could fry an egg on the sidewalk. At least, that’s what Serena’s father used to tell her. She sat on the swing of her grandmother’s front … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Waterfall

Once, on a hike through a forest on a back road in the Appalachian mountains I came across a hidden gem of the most important element- water, cascading a small, sunken emerald green pool of reflecting light caught the falling … Continue reading

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Beauty and Love

I’m not sureif I believe in god—but there is somethingaboutwarm summer nightsand9:00 pm sunsetsthat make me believein Beauty I’m not sureif I believe in god—but there is somethingaboutthis mansitting next to mewho woulddieto save my woesthat makes me believein Love … Continue reading

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Glencoe Dreams

Hello friends, I have sort of hit a wall with my detective story. I think the fact that it takes place during winter and I’m over being cold is part of the issue. It’s also becoming extraordinarily long and bogged … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful World

During my adolescence, I had a mentor who was also the pastor of the church I attended at the time. I’m not sure if this man realizes how important he is to me or how much he really shaped me … Continue reading

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Love at Half Moon Part Two

Love at Half Moon Part One Love at Half Moon Part Two   Lauren dug her fingernails into her palms, a technique she used to distinguish between the dream realm and reality.    Marcus chuckled, “You’re not dreaming,” he flashed her … Continue reading

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Hello Friends, It’s Been A Long Time

I have been sitting in my chair staring at the laptop screen for ten minutes, unsure of where to begin. Life has been chaotic and beautiful lately! We are finally on the verge of a post-pandemic normal, and I’m happy … Continue reading

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Love At Half Moon (February Prompt)

I am posting this one again because I have decided to get back to this story! Feb. WIP Challenge: Waves of Love It had been two years since Lauren had lost her family in that horrible accident on the way … Continue reading

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You and I

We must stop the haunting ways we think and dust the cobwebs of doubt away. We must fight the demons that whisper we are not good enough for each other, my love. I cannot speak for you, but, you spend … Continue reading

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