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Did you say no? What were you wearing? Did you yell? Did you fight? Did you say no clearly enough? These are questions I was asked when I talked about my abuse. I said no. It does not matter what … Continue reading

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Humanity UnKind

Wildfires of hate spread Waiting for Christ’s return Clutching Bibles to chests Smiling as they watch it all burn ~ ~ ~ Ashes raining in oceans Droughts swimming through plains Another day another mass shooting Darkness spreading through my veins … Continue reading

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Creating Balance

Investing in my health and wellness was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have learned so many things about how our bodies function, nutrition, life, and myself. One of the most challenging and most fulfilling lessons … Continue reading

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When Thoughts Become Poetry

I never had to do anything to make him crave me. He was hooked from the very first line of a poem. Or was it a story? Either way, he read me and said, “She is something.” And by something … Continue reading

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Not Always Eye-to-Eye But Always Heart-to-Heart

Christmas, snowmen, the color blue, the ocean, windchimes, peanut butter cookies, Patrick Swayze, the movie “Ghost,” coconut shrimp, hanging flower baskets, lilacs, Doo Wop, my dad, my brother, me, extended family, friends, birds, ceramics, badminton… These were a few of … Continue reading

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Poetic Caption #16

I walk along this path of a zillion corpses in the cutthroat evening of a day that begs to be forgotten I will never know why I was betrayed by the one person I only ever wanted to love But … Continue reading

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A Clumsy Gal Learns Balance

The other day I had one of those epiphanies that makes you question your intelligence. One of those “Why am I just figuring this out at 38 years of age?” types of epiphanies. I read somewhere that while tracking your … Continue reading

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Waves of Purple Joy

She is a collector Not of grand valuables or because of a name She is not the sort to pay attention to those If she finds it pretty in any way she keeps it Her camera roll holds thousands of … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wake up to dozens of new followers. As long as I have been connected to social media, I still find it odd living in a digital world. I never knew “I want my MTV” would one day come … Continue reading

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Second Best (Parts of Life)

There are times when I allow my mind to wander to the future that lies ahead. One can only hear so many “We’re impressed with you, but’s,” before one starts feeling like second best. Oddly enough, I think of the … Continue reading

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