Bursting Through the Gray

Winter often weighs heavy

as my thoughts match the cold

and gray dead nothing.


It demands my courage,

but what else are you to give

when it forces you to start again?


I have found, however,

as I stand on my front porch,

not minding the cold wind

that every sunrise still kisses the horizon

in shades of pink and swirls of gold,

and violet clouds of hope that stretch across the sky.


and just like every sunrise—

those wet, heavy, lake-effect emotions

 that stick to my bones will also fade into the wide blue.


I think that is my beautiful,

colors bursting through the dark and gray nothing

while most of the world is asleep.


Maybe I had to experience all those winters

carry the weight of the stick-to-your-bones snow

while it cracked and broke pieces of branches of my heart

Maybe I had to learn my lessons the hard way

learn the things that I miss never knowing

to become the colors bursting through the gray.

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10 Responses to Bursting Through the Gray

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    I love the metaphor of sadness “sticking” like winter snow. I think a lot of people will connect with this. Well written, my friend!

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  2. utahan15 says:

    blow just so
    we all know
    gales and gusts
    needs and musts
    blue goose pimples
    seeping thru ya pores
    and what is more
    ka hai ooh~

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  3. Beautiful meditation Kristian! Every line and verse bursting with excellent imagery…”violet clouds of hope”…sublime!!

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  5. I felt this… the cold, the dry cold winters. The gray sad sky. I have never liked it. My body and my mind dislike. Aches and pain, depression. It does something to me emotionally.
    Its just like the seasons of life. The hard parts make us appreciate to the warmth of the sun, the blooming flowers, and the long summer breaks.
    Beautiful words paint such a real picture of real life.

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  6. This is such an incredible image. Anita

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