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Write Me

I want to go down on your thoughts and completely blow my mind I want our words a tangled mess a oneness so divine Don’t you know I am addicted to the pretty words you use and I think I … Continue reading

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Waves, Part Four

Waves, Part One Waves, Part Two Waves, Part Three  “I hope your friend doesn’t mind me stealing you away?” Justin inquired as he and Karmen made their way towards the shore. Karmen chuckled, “She had four margaritas,” Uncle Pappy put … Continue reading

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my darling, linger… just before you kiss me lips centimeters from mine on the edge of paradise linger… when your roaming hands explore every mound and valley awakening mother earth before you bust open the dam linger… in the aftermath … Continue reading

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Waves, Part Three

Waves, Part One Waves, Part Two Justin wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. He barely knew Karmen, but the sight of seeing someone who wanted to cause her harm had him suddenly seeing red. Luckily, Harrison was with him … Continue reading

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Waves, Part 2

Justin Bradshaw had a reputation for being ruthless, but that was not the man that Karmen saw. Somehow, in her very first response, she had seen past his calloused exterior and saw that’s not who he was. He couldn’t quite … Continue reading

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It was that fleeting hour of the day when the moon and sun were high and bright at the same time. Like many things in her life, these summer nights wouldn’t last much longer. Karmen York sat quietly on the … Continue reading

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There is a connection between your soul and mine a universal language not even Webster could define. *** You rest your head and I fall asleep you feel saddened and I start to weep. *** Made from the same stardust … Continue reading

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Light Patterns

she can sing.it’s a little known factonly those closest to herknow. she does not liketo find herself in the center of attention,save for certain celebrations, and certain company.still, if people knew she could sing, they would ask her to, and … Continue reading

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Tall Dreams, Part One

Karmen sat at the table, nursing her cocktail as she sat across from her friend, Cee. She couldn’t help but notice the couple sitting at the adjacent table. They were nestled into their booths across from each other. The space … Continue reading

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UnMerry Christmas, Part 1

December 1st, 2023   Karmen York released a long, heavy sigh as she opened the door to Fictional Grounds, her bookstore and coffee house mashup. She turned around before stepping inside and saw how the town had already decorated for Christmas. … Continue reading

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