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Finding Love on the Streets of Chaos, Part 4

Kevin slept in the next morning, he walked downstairs and spotted Jessica on the balcony, doing yoga. “She’s going to be the death of me,” he whispered to himself. He stood there watching her, the way her body moved in … Continue reading

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Finding Love on the Streets of Chaos, Part 3

Part 3 picks up right where part 2 left off. *Please note, lines that are italicized are internal thoughts It felt as though hours had passed and Kevin’s heart was now in his throat. “Please say something.” “Can we just … Continue reading

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Finding Love On The Streets of Chaos, Part 2

Kevin got up and walked upstairs, not uttering a word or turning back to look at Jessica, causing her heart to sink for him. Kevin felt horrible for leaving her like that. He hoped she didn’t hate him, he probably … Continue reading

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30 Underrated Movies, Day 6

Forgive me, I know Christmas was 4 months ago, but tonight’s choice is a Christmas movie. An old, black and white movie that charmed me the moment my husband introduced me to it. Kristian’s 6th underrated movie is: Holiday Affair … Continue reading

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Universe of Our Words

It is magic how we can come together to create beautiful art – how you can create me against your thighs and I can create you beneath my hands My lips burn the poem into your flesh that you will … Continue reading

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I am begging whatever higher being who will listen to let us meet in dreams Tonight. *** The world is full of chaos and my head is spinning I need more than real life words between us Tonight. *** We … Continue reading

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A Little Look Into My New Book

I know I probably shouldn’t share these as often as I do, but sometimes I get so excited about where the story is headed, I want to share it with you. So I hope you will enjoy reading this as … Continue reading

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The Songs I Can’t Get Enough OF Lately

The other day I put on a random playlist on Spotify, indulged in some butterscotch wine, and started writing. I cannot stop thinking about my characters and I find myself needing to write this novel. I have so many novels … Continue reading

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Love At Half Moon (February Prompt)

Every Month Didi Oviatt creates a writing prompt, and the only rule is to use the characters from our current WIP and write about the topic provided. You can read Didi’s original post below: Feb. WIP Challenge: Waves of Love … Continue reading

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An Excerpt From My Current WIP

I have written many sections of the current novel I am working on. I am taking an idea from the story I wrote last year called Blue Haven and combining it with another idea I had for a book. It … Continue reading

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