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Balloon Animals

Cindy Bradley was a 68-year-old woman who did not look a day over fifty-five. She attributed her youthful appearance to mud masks, yoga, and herbal teas. Cindy was Aunt Mary’s best friend, and Brooklyn had always looked up to her. … Continue reading

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John Lennon said he was a dreamer Knew in his soul he was not the only one And like Kermit, here I am still dreaming Of a rainbow connection that has not yet begun *** A home we built together … Continue reading

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An Unforgettable Evening

Kent was sitting next to Brooklyn, hanging on every word her brother was saying as he told stories about his beloved sister. “Then there was the time…” Jacob started. “I don’t think Kent wants to hear any more of these … Continue reading

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The Moon

The full moon had not always been a friend to Kent Williams. There were times when he was in the service when he needed to hide in the shadows, and a full moon could blow his cover. Now, he felt … Continue reading

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Kent Williams sat at the table, sipping his coffee and staring at the incessant cursor on the blank screen that mocked him with every blink. He could not get his words to flow, but it was hard when his thoughts … Continue reading

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Heated Beginnings

Brooklyn stood at the kitchen island, chopping vegetables for that evening. It was New Year’s Eve, and some of her friends were coming over. Kent was not big on holidays, and Brooklyn thought New Year’s Eve was overrated, but her … Continue reading

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Poetic Captions #6

Wishing you inspiration! Love & life lessons, Kristian

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Throwback Thursday #15

The characters in this story, Cara and Michael, are the characters in the romance novel I started writing four years ago. I am not sure what I will do with this story yet, but it has been placed on the … Continue reading

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The Man I Love

If ever you should meet my hero, the keeper of my heart He will tell you he is full of faults, a sorrow that will not depart. But if there is anything you should understand about this man I love … Continue reading

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The One

I always wanted to be the one… the girl who caught you off guard an unexpected and powerful muse the intended of your thoughts. I always wanted to be the one… the girl you fell in love with who got … Continue reading

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