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On The Eve Of Turning 36

I have been thinking of you – the seed I never sowed the bun I never baked. I feel it – the eleventh month of my body and the calendar. Tomorrow will be my birthday. My spring is gone and … Continue reading

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If I Could Go Back In Time

i would travel to fifteen and tell her to hold her head high to not compare herself to other girls now or at thirty-five for we are not the kind of beautiful that turns heads or steals breaths we are … Continue reading

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Where Do I Go From Here?

It’s not the darkness that haunts me nor is it the fear of the unknown It is this feeling of being lost the wandering the now that I don’t like.   I am deep in the woods and the branches … Continue reading

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In These Times

Sometimes I stop and stare at rock formations and gaze in wonder at how they once lived beneath the ocean. We are all currently standing between two rocks where the grass grows uphill and before us lies a revolutionary path … Continue reading

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Last night while walking through my dining room the view outside my window stopped me in my tracks. Still wet from my bath and not dressed enough to go outside – I stood frozen in wonder trying to think of … Continue reading

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A Prayer For Thanksgiving

I like to imagine prayer as a flower For when we pray we open our whole selves – to the sun or the moon to the universe we know there’s something more – we can’t see or touch or hear … Continue reading

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Wild Geese

My momma had this deep love for wild geese that I never quite understood until one day while I was listening to the earth cry and shaking violently I heard the geese squawk and I looked up and witnessed the … Continue reading

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