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Up is North?

Wait…… which way is north, again? Now I’ll admit, I’ve never been a geographical wizard, but 6-year-old me, had no clue when it came to directions. <– I’ve gotten better! Haha. I have no idea why I thought up meant … Continue reading

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B&W Movies, Turtle Nostrils, Superman, and 2001 Space Baby

In this episode, Neil and I start off by talking about black and white movies which somehow leads to us talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, and 2001: Space Odyssey. I’m not really sure how we got from Black … Continue reading

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The Political Episode

Neil and I tried to avoid this topic, but every time we sat down to discuss anything, we kept reverting back to the events that are going on in our world. As I mentioned, I have been struggling lately, and … Continue reading

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And The Survey Says?

In this episode of Just Us For Y’all, I ask a series of questions in which Neil and I take turns answering. It is our hope that these questions will spark conversations with you & your loved ones, maybe you’ll … Continue reading

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In Sickness or In Health

You may or may not know I married a man with disabilities. My husband, Neil has a form of muscular atrophy known as Charcot Marie-Tooth (CMT.) He also has chronic kidney disease and is currently in kidney failure, receiving dialysis, … Continue reading

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Just Us For Y’All Has Finally Launched!

You may or may not remember a post I wrote last October about Neil and I starting a podcast, well we have finally launched it! We had intentions of posting it around Thanksgiving, but due to some unforeseen events, we … Continue reading

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Celebrations and Surprises!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I can’t remember the last birthday I had that was full of so many surprises! Neil and my soul sister, Amanda had thrown together a celebration in my honor last Saturday. I knew we were … Continue reading

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The Art Of Cooking

A while back I shared a post about my new favorite podcast Life Is Short With Justin Long. I included all kinds of puns and made it fun, but today, I want to talk seriously about a passion of mine, … Continue reading

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Just Us For Y’all

Something new is coming from the Weigman household!! Neil and I have decided to start a podcast. If you’ve been following me for a while you might remember a post earlier this year about said podcast. Originally, we were hoping … Continue reading

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