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Wrapped Up in You

sometimes i sit at this window and stare at this tree and think of the life it might have known – the nurturing of a man’s hands who planted its seed and cared for it. its roots growing and wrapping … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Write The Way I Think

I wish I could write the way I think – Obsessively Incandescently With maddening desire and the same intense passion that flows through these veins I would make love to these pages with such intensity, the moon would tear open … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In Magic?

How could I not believe in magic when there are galaxies in your eyes? When the stardust in your hands longs for the touch of my thighs? Don’t you find it strange how we’re a part of something bigger? How … Continue reading

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30 Underrated Movies, Day 2

I don’t know who Becky G is, but I completely agree with her!! Many of you know I love to cook and bake, and today’s movie choice highlights the art of cooking. Kristian’s 2nd choice of Underrated movies is: Chef … Continue reading

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You Have Always Been Mine

You have changed me so quickly so unexpectedly like the sun saying hello in the middle of a thunderstorm and here I am still wandering in the rain as I always have a clumsy woman who is home to all … Continue reading

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Spilled Words

I guess you know by now that you have always been my muse –   begging me to write us in permanent ink – words spilled on pages of bodies spilled on sheets   I don’t know if it’s the … Continue reading

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The Art Of Cooking

A while back I shared a post about my new favorite podcast Life Is Short With Justin Long. I included all kinds of puns and made it fun, but today, I want to talk seriously about a passion of mine, … Continue reading

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