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Throwback Thursday #19

During the lowest part of my life, I was betrayed by someone I completely trusted and thought would never hurt me. I tried to move past it, but the truth is, I never have. I tried to forgive and forget. … Continue reading

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The Last Summer

I remember the summer I graduated high school. There was something special about that summer. One day, as a child, I went outside and played with my childhood friends for the last time. We did not know it was the … Continue reading

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The Letter Under My Pillow

My semblance grows weary as my heart tries to understand why it was ever broken So much time has passed, yet my tears still fall copiously over the broken promises spoken ~ Another boat provided your comfort when the calming … Continue reading

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Till it Decays

Oh, Pain of mine, where shall I place you? I try to run, but you stain just like a tattoo. ~~~ So rip me open, let me bleed, there’s things inside I can’t concede. And the Pain, with me it … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday #11

I thought I’d dig a little further back for this week’s poem. I forget how good some of those poems are because I feel like I have grown as a writer. However, I want to share the poems that still … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday #1

Hello Friends, A few of you have reached out to me lately, and I am always so touched that you think of me after all this time. I have lost some followers, which makes me sad, but I understand. I … Continue reading

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Tall Dreams, Part One

Karmen sat at the table, nursing her cocktail as she sat across from her friend, Cee. She couldn’t help but notice the couple sitting at the adjacent table. They were nestled into their booths across from each other. The space … Continue reading

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Dull Edges

You’re asking me what I want for dinnerand I’m telling you how I never feel like I’m good enough You’re handing me a paper from the doctorand I’m handing you the poems I wrote when I was twenty-one and believed … Continue reading

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Where Do I Go From Here?

It’s not the darkness that haunts me nor is it the fear of the unknown It is this feeling of being lost the wandering the now that I don’t like.   I am deep in the woods and the branches … Continue reading

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i am always searching high, low, left, right, across, and between, as though my eyes are begging for something new to carry them away. should I drink this whiskey and feel the world or should I leave it alone and … Continue reading

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