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Photography Wednesday

**A note for my new followers. If you haven’t noticed already, most of my photographs are sunsets. I am obsessed with sunsets. I also love taking photos of nature in general, obscure things, children, and food. However, you’ll see random … Continue reading

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The Rogue Goose

Of all the traits that make up the woman behind Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table, I think my favorite is that I don’t take myself too seriously.I learned long ago that my ability to laugh at myself made … Continue reading

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Poetic Captions #2

Wishing you inspiration! Love & life lessons, Kristian

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Sunrise, Sunset

I have been obsessed with the sky for as long as I can remember. I am often staring at it. Sunrises and sunsets are my absolute favorite, but I am also incredibly fond of clouds, thunderstorms, starry nights, and the … Continue reading

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What is Age? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

So many people fear getting older, but it’s something we all must do, and I believe the sooner we accept the aging process, the more enjoyable our lives can be. I mean, there’s no point in fighting the inevitable, right? … Continue reading

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every eveningmy feet carry meup the hillto the cemeteryto watch the sky the changingof the seasonsreminds mehow ephemeraltime is for the moongreets the sunearliernow that the leavesare dying there’s a comfort hereamongst the ghostsof wheat fieldsand the spiritsof past voices … Continue reading

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The Golden Hour

They call this the golden hour—when the sun paints its lighton the nature it has traveledlightyears to touch when the sky blushesshades of crimsonat the witness ofsuch spectacular beauty I am lucky to capturesuch a spectaclebut the golden momentsof the … Continue reading

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Spring is Coming

these dark and dustycutthroat morningsare fadingas the sunlight filtersthrough the blindskissing my claviclei lower my blanketsreveling in the warmthof nature’s furnaceupon my breastsi smile a genuine smilethe songbirds singgood morningand i hum them a tunecan you feel it?Spring is coming

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Wordless Wednesday 74 – Photo a Day, Week 44

Day 302 Always take time to stop and smell the flowers, or at the very least, photograph them. Day 303 Here comes the sun Day 304 Hot, sweaty, and sore, but I feel AMAZING! Day 305 Girls nights consist of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 67 – Photo A day, Weeks 34 & 35

Week 34 Day 232 As previously stated, I have an obsession Day 233 I love this cloud Day 234 Forever that girl who gets excited when the sky is in pretty colors Day 235 Even Wonder Woman gets it Day … Continue reading

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