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Finding Love On The Streets of Chaos, Part 2

Kevin got up and walked upstairs, not uttering a word or turning back to look at Jessica, causing her heart to sink for him. Kevin felt horrible for leaving her like that. He hoped she didn’t hate him, he probably … Continue reading

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30 Underrated Movies, Day 6

Forgive me, I know Christmas was 4 months ago, but tonight’s choice is a Christmas movie. An old, black and white movie that charmed me the moment my husband introduced me to it. Kristian’s 6th underrated movie is: Holiday Affair … Continue reading

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30 Underrated Movies, Day 4

Originally, I was going to review an underrated horror movie, but I will have to save that for another day. You see, I’m a romantic through and through. I have many layers, many, many, layers, it takes years to get … Continue reading

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Underrated Movies, Day 3

If I asked you to tell me your favorite Tom Hanks movie, what would you say? Forrest Gump? The Green Mile?  Cast Away? All of those movies are excellent. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s one of his movies that I … Continue reading

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Pockets of Wonder

When I was a child I was obsessed with pockets wishing I could jump through and come out on the other side ♥♥♥ Maybe I would enter a magical world where unicorns run wild through fields of lavender ♥♥♥ Maybe … Continue reading

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Universe of Our Words

It is magic how we can come together to create beautiful art – how you can create me against your thighs and I can create you beneath my hands My lips burn the poem into your flesh that you will … Continue reading

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Just Let Your Love Flow

I find that it is increasingly difficult for me to keep me head held high under these chaotic circumstances the world is currently facing. People are hoarding baby formula and charging higher prices for it than stores. What is wrong … Continue reading

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I am begging whatever higher being who will listen to let us meet in dreams Tonight. *** The world is full of chaos and my head is spinning I need more than real life words between us Tonight. *** We … Continue reading

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The Songs I Can’t Get Enough OF Lately

The other day I put on a random playlist on Spotify, indulged in some butterscotch wine, and started writing. I cannot stop thinking about my characters and I find myself needing to write this novel. I have so many novels … Continue reading

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For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Made To Feel They Are Less Than Good Enough

Who taught you to be so small? Taught you that your scars are flaws? As if your light can’t shine through – the holes and cracks inside of you. Taught you to accept what life gives you – because you’re … Continue reading

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