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I often find myselflongingfor somethingbut mostlyto feel smallerI want to feel smallerI want to slipbetween the spacesof your fingersI want to put my headin your lapand for you to swallowthe entire drowningof meI want to see myselfthrough different lensesthe way … Continue reading

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Intuitive Fight

The dull and edgy knife weighs heavy on my skin waiting to pierce through and let the pain seep in   The wolf is snarling, baring teeth so rip me open, let me bleed break my ribs and cut my … Continue reading

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A Moment Of Growth

Life has a peculiar way of showing us the things we need to pay attention to sometimes, and I’ve been noticing continued patterns in my life lately. Most of you know that I absolutely hate small talk. I struggle with … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Traditions

There is something about Thanksgiving that fills my heart with joy and takes me back to the house that always smelled like butter. I remember butter pools on homemade biscuits and butter lava pouring from white creamy volcanoes and rivers … Continue reading

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