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Throwback Thursday #22

A few of my friends are struggling with some things right now. Work issues, teenage children, and the world around us. I have also been in sort of a funk lately. I have not been sleeping well, nightmares keep me … Continue reading

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The Moon

The full moon had not always been a friend to Kent Williams. There were times when he was in the service when he needed to hide in the shadows, and a full moon could blow his cover. Now, he felt … Continue reading

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Fall/Halloween Fun

Wednesdays will forever be photo-sharing days. However, I have been putting too much unneeded pressure on writing poetic captions. So, for the time being, I am going to save those until I come up with a few naturally instead of … Continue reading

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Waves, Part Four

Waves, Part One Waves, Part Two Waves, Part Three  “I hope your friend doesn’t mind me stealing you away?” Justin inquired as he and Karmen made their way towards the shore. Karmen chuckled, “She had four margaritas,” Uncle Pappy put … Continue reading

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It was that fleeting hour of the day when the moon and sun were high and bright at the same time. Like many things in her life, these summer nights wouldn’t last much longer. Karmen York sat quietly on the … Continue reading

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There is a connection between your soul and mine a universal language not even Webster could define. *** You rest your head and I fall asleep you feel saddened and I start to weep. *** Made from the same stardust … Continue reading

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With Nothing of Note

I believe there is sunshinein remembering these moments with nothing of noteexcept time, and laughter, and life shared.My head thrown back,dark curls caressing my shoulders,and laughter bellowing from the depths of my soul. ∗∗∗ Traveling down I-68with tears of joystreaming … Continue reading

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Solitary Moments

At the end of my days when my soul is tired and searching for the solitary moments that left their stain on the chapters of my life I will remember the sounds of laughter the summer wind kissing my skin … Continue reading

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Unmerry Christmas, Part Two

Unmerry Christmas, Part One Karmen watched the clock incessantly. She had finished up her holiday cookie orders. She didn’t usually take bulk orders at the coffee shop, but so many friends, friends of friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors offered to … Continue reading

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You’ve Got That Nostalgic Feeling

Some songs and movies from our past do not have the most outstanding quality or originality, but they give us that sense of familiarness, a reminder of a simpler time. (I sound so old.) So, just because they might be … Continue reading

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