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Till it Decays

Oh, Pain of mine, where shall I place you? I try to run, but you stain just like a tattoo. ~~~ So rip me open, let me bleed, there’s things inside I can’t concede. And the Pain, with me it … Continue reading

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Something Bigger, The Ending

Part Ten Ben And Lauren August 2060 Ben sat next to the bed where Lauren was lying, her old body weak and feeble, knowing these were her last few precious seconds on earth. “We had a good run this time, … Continue reading

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The In Between

If you ever need me, you’ll find me in the in between- between night and day, just as the sun has set and the moon hangs low in the sky. You’ll find me between the pages of a book amongst … Continue reading

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Beautiful Endings & Colorful Beginnings

Sitting amongst the goldenrod and dying cattails watching as the sun sets on another day and another season Listening to the bugs sing their night symphonies If it had not been for the autumnal wind rustling the corn husks and … Continue reading

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