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Poetic Captions #3

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The Way I See It

I often find myself staring out a window as if I am searching for whatever is drawing me… something greater than myself. It is morning in the gray dead of fall like a picture-perfect postcard displaying my feelings. Nature, killing … Continue reading

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Intuitive Fight

The dull and edgy knife weighs heavy on my skin waiting to pierce through and let the pain seep in   The wolf is snarling, baring teeth so rip me open, let me bleed break my ribs and cut my … Continue reading

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A Moment Of Growth

Life has a peculiar way of showing us the things we need to pay attention to sometimes, and I’ve been noticing continued patterns in my life lately. Most of you know that I absolutely hate small talk. I struggle with … Continue reading

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Something Bigger, The Ending

Part Ten Ben And Lauren August 2060 Ben sat next to the bed where Lauren was lying, her old body weak and feeble, knowing these were her last few precious seconds on earth. “We had a good run this time, … Continue reading

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Train to Heaven (Falling Into Autumn Challenge) 16 Days!

Hello, beautiful souls, Nova & I have been on hiatus from the countdown challenges, but we’re back!! I was in desperate need of a distraction, after two events of bad news yesterday: A phone call in the morning, telling me … Continue reading

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