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Dorothea’s Granddaughter

On a handmade bookshelf in the corner of my living room sits a scrapbook overflowing with memories. On the very first page there is a picture of a baby with a lopsided smile and a dimple not quite on the … Continue reading

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On The Eve Of Turning 36

I have been thinking of you – the seed I never sowed the bun I never baked. I feel it – the eleventh month of my body and the calendar. Tomorrow will be my birthday. My spring is gone and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 80 – Photo A Day, Week 52

Day 358 I did a little editing, but no filter was added Day 359 I am fascinated by my dad’s new lamp Day 360 The view from my childhood home Day 361 The view from my current home. I spent … Continue reading

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For Dad

I have always had this thing for hands for they tell a story of loved ones they have comforted words they have written work they have completed   I remember watching your hands pluck at guitar strings or glide across … Continue reading

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The Celebration Continues With a Shout Out!!

I want to say “Thank you,” to those of you who shared music, poetry, and recipe’s with me!! This has been the best birthday I have had since my mom died, and y’all really know how to make a gal … Continue reading

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The Weekly Smile -6 Days of 35

I was going to write this just as a regular post, but then I remembered that Trent, author of Trent’s World has a weekly smile post where he encourages all of us to share what made us smile the previous … Continue reading

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Celebrations and Surprises!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I can’t remember the last birthday I had that was full of so many surprises! Neil and my soul sister, Amanda had thrown together a celebration in my honor last Saturday. I knew we were … Continue reading

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Celebrate Good Times C’mon!!

No, seriously, C’mon!! I really, really want to put together a spectacular blog post filled with music, poetry, and recipes that all of you share with me, but how can I do that if you won’t share?! Help a gal … Continue reading

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It’s November! Let’s Celebrate!!

Hello, beautiful souls! Although we should practice gratitude all 12 months out of the year, November tends to be that special month that all of us stop and take time to appreciate our blessings. Of course, in America, it’s the … Continue reading

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