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Photography Wednesday

**A note for my new followers. If you haven’t noticed already, most of my photographs are sunsets. I am obsessed with sunsets. I also love taking photos of nature in general, obscure things, children, and food. However, you’ll see random … Continue reading

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That Really Burns my Biscuits #10

Ya know what really burns my biscuits? Double standards! My best friend posted the following clip on Facebook: She messaged me immediately after posting it, demanding I have a watch. Who am I to deny my best friend anything her … Continue reading

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Adventures in Cranberry Sauce

If I took the time to figure out the statistics, I would guarantee most of my time has been spent in a kitchen. I grew up in a family of comedic cooks, one of the best being my Grandma Bateman. … Continue reading

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If there is any one thing you should know about me it is that I am resilient. I am the fairytale they won’t recite. Little Red Riding Hood that could not be duped by the Big Bad Wolf. For they … Continue reading

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Gold Lined Streets

Nature is often my biggest source of inspiration. As an empath, I feel things very deeply. I can become overstimulated by too much social media, news (whether good or bad), and all the noise and chaos that surrounds me daily. … Continue reading

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The Girl With the Kind Blue Eyes

One day I gazed deep into the mirrorReflection caught me by surpriseFor found within the love I heldFor the girl with the kind blue eyes The light went off and cried I didWhen I recognized my demiseIf I continued spewing … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday #8

When I was thirteen, I had a vision board, and I was confident everything would come true. I was going to marry Nick Carter, have two kids (A boy, Wyatt, and a girl, Katarina), a husky named Howard (I was … Continue reading

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Celebrate Good Times

My mother always made a big deal out of birthdays. She went above and beyond to celebrate the lives of the people she loved. I remember one year she felt terrible because none of my friends could attend my birthday … Continue reading

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That Really Burns my Biscuits #9

Oh, you beautiful souls! First things first, I want to thank those of you who have reached out to me regarding my battle with Covid. It means the world to me that I belong to a community of such caring … Continue reading

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When the Clock Chimes Dusk

When I was a child I would pretend the world was magic. I would pick up a paintbrush and paint light across the sky when the clock chimed dusk. Fluffy clouds magically became unicorns galloping toward the sun. As the … Continue reading

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