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Sundays in Winter

Every sunday in winterhe would wakeand put on his Carharttto go shovel the drivewayafter 10 hour daysspent through the weekclearing the roadsNobody thanked him. He’d come in from the coldthrow coal in the furnacemake sure his family was warmHe’d start … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful World

During my adolescence, I had a mentor who was also the pastor of the church I attended at the time. I’m not sure if this man realizes how important he is to me or how much he really shaped me … Continue reading

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Love at Half Moon Part Two

Love at Half Moon Part One Love at Half Moon Part Two   Lauren dug her fingernails into her palms, a technique she used to distinguish between the dream realm and reality.    Marcus chuckled, “You’re not dreaming,” he flashed her … Continue reading

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Love At Half Moon (February Prompt)

I am posting this one again because I have decided to get back to this story! Feb. WIP Challenge: Waves of Love It had been two years since Lauren had lost her family in that horrible accident on the way … Continue reading

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You and I

We must stop the haunting ways we think and dust the cobwebs of doubt away. We must fight the demons that whisper we are not good enough for each other, my love. I cannot speak for you, but, you spend … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In Magic?

How could I not believe in magic when there are galaxies in your eyes? When the stardust in your hands longs for the touch of my thighs? Don’t you find it strange how we’re a part of something bigger? How … Continue reading

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I Hope

  I hope adventure grabs you by the hand, and you invest both time and love into her. I hope you genuinely fall in love with the journey and not just the dreams of getting there. I hope you open … Continue reading

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In Sickness or In Health

You may or may not know I married a man with disabilities. My husband, Neil has a form of muscular atrophy known as Charcot Marie-Tooth (CMT.) He also has chronic kidney disease and is currently in kidney failure, receiving dialysis, … Continue reading

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Something Bigger, The Ending

Part Ten Ben And Lauren August 2060 Ben sat next to the bed where Lauren was lying, her old body weak and feeble, knowing these were her last few precious seconds on earth. “We had a good run this time, … Continue reading

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Something Bigger, The Continuing Saga

Part Seven Lauren One Week Later Ben and Lauren spent all of their free time together, whether they were visiting Ben’s grandma, exploring the city, or texting each other multiple times throughout the day, both of them felt like kids … Continue reading

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