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Wordless Wednesday #4


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The Road to Self Discovery Isn’t Always Pleasant

I received a self discovery journal for Christmas from Grandma Grab. It’s a cool little journal filled with all kinds of thought provoking, deep, and unusual questions. I’ve found a lot about myself through doing this journal. I am a … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday #1

I have rated the following content Mature due to very graphic and disturbing images that may offend some readers, sexual content, and language. Please read at your own discretion. I feel I must also let you know that this is … Continue reading

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I’ve Finished Spring Cleaning my house, now it’s time to “Spring Clean” my blog!

Hello, I have been thinking of ways I can re-vamp or “spring clean” my blog. Originally, I was thinking that I would create different “themes” or “topics” for different days, but after talking with my husband and friend they both … Continue reading

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Passions, Dreams, & Inspiration

I started this blog to share my passions with my readers, which started with family and friends, and has now grown to over 600 followers! My life has been extremely stressful lately and I found myself once again falling into … Continue reading

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It is OKAY to NOT be okay.

Hello, my dear readers, My heart is so heavy today, there are so many people I love struggling, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to make it better. I love that I have this amazing gift to feel things … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #4, Short Story, Fiction

Custom Bride I sat in the dark corner of the book store, watching her as she moved gracefully; her long fingers stroked the bindings of each book until she stopped on the one she had been looking for. She took … Continue reading

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Things that make me smile. Day 14

The season premier of American Horror Story!! This season looks so creepy, I love it!! What makes you smile? Join the movement #itsthelittlethings

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A piece of Me Part 2

Some of you may have seen my posts with the #AlwaysKeepFighting (AFK). As many of you know my passion is to help people. I want to help those of you who struggle with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, or anyone who … Continue reading

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Laughter is the Best Medicine!!!

So as always, I spend some time checking Facebook before I get ready for work in the mornings. The very first thing I came across this morning was a post about a little boy named Jackson, who passed away from … Continue reading

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