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Help Me If You Can I’m Feeling Down…Again

I published this post a few years ago, and once again the negativity of the world is starting to get to me. So many shootings, so much hatred, and I try not to worry about the future of our planet, … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday #1 – June 27th shared on June 28th

Happy Friday! I came across Fandango’s Flashback Friday post, and I thought this was such a great idea that I decided to follow suit. I didn’t actually post anything on June 28th, 2016, but when I came across this post, … Continue reading

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Treading Water

I lift my dress up to my knees and start to tread the water. I stick in my toes, back out they go at the feel of the frigid temperature. I brace myself and begin to walk a slow and … Continue reading

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The Columbia Inn at Peralynna

I know I said I would post about my business trip this past weekend, but time just got away from me and I’ve been busy with Christmas traditions, which I hope to post about as well. Anyway, last week I … Continue reading

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The Holiday Spirit

As many of you know I am a huge lover of Thanksgiving! The parade, the food, hanging out with family, and we sometimes end the night with a Christmas movie! I also love traditions!! I broke tradition this year, normally … Continue reading

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Soulful Sunday #8 – Your Past Does Not Define You

I have been putting off this post, but it has been eating away at me like an itch I can’t scratch, telling me that I need to write it, so I hope whomever needs to read this finds it. Bare with … Continue reading

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Beneath The Willow Tree

The darkness calls for slumber, but my mind, it starts to wander. For in the night I cannot fight, the dreams my mind must conjure.   Thoughts of you to diminish this fear that I’m not as strong as I … Continue reading

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The Moon And You

  The night and I have been friends for a long time. I sit beneath the moon and because it listens in ways that others fail, I speak of you.   Tyler Kent White speaks of quantum entanglement, how we … Continue reading

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I have been on a song cover kick lately. I made a playlist on Spotify, if you are able, have a listen. These are just some (5 hours worth) of my favorites!! For as long as I can remember, I … Continue reading

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Good Enough?

  I’ve danced this dance a time or two Irksomeness is nothing new.   I suppose this is my cross to bear, For my heart on my sleeve, I do wear   These thoughts inside me, I do keep. But … Continue reading

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