Poetic Captions #11

Bring me your pain, love,

spread it out like butter on homemade biscuits—

the way the clouds and sun become one,

let me be your vixen.

I will not ask you about the wrongs you have done,

or judge you when you allow me in your shadows.

Strip away your worries before you rest your bones,

and let me help you carry the weight, cradle it on my tongue

until your shadows drown in my light.

I do nothing to boast

but to rather prove to myself

I recognize priorities.

life works hard to bitter our taste

in ourselves

, which is why we must, sometimes,

lay it on thickly. Pipe heavily

without apologies

for what some say is “too much.”

I have worshiped at priories, had my soul touched in cathedrals,

knelt in prayer at altars in churches. I have partaken of eucharist

and carried god in my bones like hearty soup on the coldest winter day.

I have gotten drunk with strangers and smoked pot with gypsies.

I have kissed the devil’s happy trail, made music with angels.

I have searched for understanding and purpose in many ways,

swam naked under the full moon, trying to cling to the light

screaming for truth in deceiving water.

but nothing compares to just being kind, purely and utterly generous.

I know my purpose on this shaken globe is to make people feel seen,

to show kindness, and to give love as a timeless burning torch.

and if I should ever become too tired or cynical for my purpose,

give my bones to the sea. I would rather have a beatless heart than be hateful.

I think shepherd’s pie is my favorite comfort food

It has that stick-to-your-ribs comfort

like a blanket to warm your insides

and when I make it, I know I am doing something good—

spreading love on your fork

My place is among the angels.

I will sing heavenly tunes as I spread my

flew-too-close-to-hell scorched wings,

because I still believe in love.

My place is among the angels,

but do not for one second mistake me for one of them.

I cannot explain the science behind it,

but coffee tastes better when it comes from your favorite mug.

I have a thing for coffee mugs, and sunsets, and this mug—

given to me by my cousin who knows my obsession with both.

It is those “thinking of you” gifts that mean so much

, for when I drink coffee from this mug, I know I am loved.

I believe in treating ourselves, sometimes,

to the finer things in life.

like homemade multigrain bread

warming the house with intoxicating aroma

served warm with sweet butter.

I just want to fill your world

with love, and laughter, and baked goods.

Wishing you inspiration!

Love & life lessons,


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9 Responses to Poetic Captions #11

  1. Now I’m definitely hungry! 😋

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  2. Jist don’t burn the biscuits!

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  3. Jeff says:

    A lot of great ones, here. I was about to say the one with the church photo was my favorite, but then I got to the one about angels, and that wicked creepy photo of you with red eyes. 🙂 “My place is with the angels, but do not for one second mistake me for one of them.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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