In These Times

Image credit: Maryland DNR

Sometimes I stop

and stare at rock formations

and gaze in wonder

at how they once lived

beneath the ocean.

We are all currently standing

between two rocks

where the grass grows uphill

and before us lies a revolutionary path

that branches off into dark shadows.

We have walked along this path

along with our ancestors, picking wildflowers of gloom and dread.

But do not be fooled—

 This is not a Chinese proverb.

This isn’t about anywhere but right here, right now.

Our country is moving

towards its own truths of gloom,

and dread, and uncertainty—

its people are screaming, and crying,

and disappearing.

I do not need to tell you

where this location is—

you can see it if you open your eyes

and listen to the wind.

Be still. Observe. And listen.

I won’t tell you

where the dark mossy oaks

meet the small strip of light

or where the ghost-ridden train tracks

meet an oceanic paradise.

We already know who wants to own it

who wants to buy it and knock all of it down—

the trees, the rocks, the wildflowers

to pave paradise

and make it all disappear.

I won’t tell you the location,

so why do I say anything at all?

Because you will still listen.

In times like this you must listen!

It’s necessary to talk about rock formations.

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20 Responses to In These Times

  1. Absolutely! Love line “this is not a… proverb…”

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  2. BOOM! What a wonderful post to share on MLK day! It speaks to our history, past and present, as though it was a rock formation. I wish I knew a way to make these words reach every set of eyes so that people could understand that our history – good or bad – is our history and that each of us now is also creating what will become history to future generations. It’s a wake-up call that should not be silenced!

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  3. utahan15 says:

    don t wanna know
    just so
    core of earth thrust magma
    liquid red white hot magma
    cooled by water
    you the bespectacled daughter
    ought to be victory
    one twirl
    flag society s norm
    is shit storm
    too much
    too quick
    just a bit
    of the wrong info
    data drawn overload
    there in hale md~!

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