Throwback Thursday #14

Since today is the last Thursday of 2022, I thought I would share my favorite poem that I have written this year! I wrote this one back in April.

I hope you enjoy it!

Love & life lessons,


Light Patterns

she can sing.
it’s a little-known fact
only those closest to her
have heard.

she does not like
to find herself in the center of attention,
save for certain celebrations and certain company.
still, if people knew she could sing, they would ask her to, and for those she loves most, she’d brace anxiety for,
so she reserves singing
for times when she is alone, and in front of those with whom she feels most comfortable, which are few.

and him…
she had yet to meet him
save for in her dreams,
but she already knew
with his head on her chest,
to ease his woes, she would sing him to sleep.
she wants nothing more.

all she wants is to kiss his scars
and to show him the kind of softness
the world so rarely does.

there is something
about him…
he brings out sides of her she didn’t know existed. He introduced her to herself.
how could she resist the irresistible grasp?
it drew her
like patterns of light from a sunrayed glass door dancing across the darkness of a cold wooden floor.

he calls to her…
he, her raging fire
and her, his calming rain.

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19 Responses to Throwback Thursday #14

  1. Nova says:

    Love this 💖💖💖

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  2. Marvelous poem, Kristian! May you enjoy great abundance in 2023!!.

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  3. joyroses13 says:

    Wonderful poem and love the last line.

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    Love this poem. The closing is powerful. And you know how much I love a good ending. May 2023 be everything you hope for and more!

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  5. Wow! I’ve only gotten to read a few of your poems since I started following your blog. Every one of them has succeeded in hitting me somewhere in the “feels”, usually because I can relate to at least a part of it emotionally within myself. Guess what? I, too, can sing and I, too, hate being the center of attention and I, too, had a love who introduced me to myself… But beyond that, the rhythm and flow of the words in this poem are astonishing in their ability to make my heart not only feel, but move, as well.

    On what is now the last Friday of 2022, I wish you peace, joy, happiness and the energy to keep writing your thoughts and sharing them in the New Year! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

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  6. Ugh, do you get tired of me saying how good you are? lol

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