Till it Decays

Oh, Pain of mine,

where shall I place you?

I try to run, but you

stain just like a tattoo.


So rip me open, let me bleed,

there’s things inside I can’t concede.

And the Pain, with me it stays,

so hold me, till it decays


Just like addiction,

just like the gnat.

You feed it once,

and rid it you can’t.


So rip me open, make me bleed,

there’s things inside that won’t accede.

And the grime has made its stain,

so wash me, cleanse me of the Pain.


So, tell me, Pain,

why am I your creed?

I don’t want your chains,

I don’t need your greed.


So I’ll rip me open, rid your hate,

no more can you design my fate.

And the Pain, with you it stays,

so hold me, till it decays.

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11 Responses to Till it Decays

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Yes, Pain. Get out of my life! You’re a real pain!

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  2. Brilliant poetry!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    Wonderfully articulated! I love the form and the refrain. The change in perspective through the stanzas creates movement that pulls the reader along. So relatable, as we all know some kind of pain. Well written, my dear friend! ❀

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  4. utahan15 says:

    again and over
    green envy
    lush clover
    three or one
    seldom four
    just as that ever open door

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  5. Hey Kristian,

    You have email πŸ™‚

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  6. I’m in love with the meaning

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