Poetic Captions #3

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20 Responses to Poetic Captions #3

  1. I enjoyed the poetic captions and that you are a lefty like me.

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  2. Paula Light says:

    Beautiful 💜💕

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  3. Beautiful as always. I had a good giggle at losing everything, because…yep!lol

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    I love this series, and all of these are good, but the last one took my breath away!

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  5. utahan15 says:

    honor jim
    true sailing is dead
    make up our minds
    magic like rock n roll
    and hale md!~

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  6. Some are whimsical, some have deeper meaning and all hold some sense of truth. Especially losing tape, scissors and pens while wrapping gifts!

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  7. The V Pub says:

    The last one resonated with me. It’s melancholy, but beautiful, too.

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  8. johncoyote says:

    I agree dear Kristian. I have seen magic often. My favorite place near me. Metro Beach. When the sun is falling. The sun reflex off the trees and Lake St. Clair. Good afternoon from Michigan.

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  9. Jeff says:

    Two favorites (they’re all great, of course): 1. two little girls pretending to be monkeys; 2. I have never been too old for magic, I have never been too young for love.

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