Holiday Kisses

I have been wanting to write more fiction because I think it’s the area where I could use the most improvement. I have decided to start a series of short stories about a couple and their adventures. I’ll see if anything comes of these stories, but I’m content writing them with no intention of turning them into a novel, but I’ll see what kind of feedback I receive and go from there!

These are the songs I listened to that helped inspire this story. Feel free to listen as you read along, or if you dare, use them as inspiration for your own story!

I hope you enjoy it!

Love & life lessons,


Holiday Kisses

Kent Williams had reserved himself a seat at the singles table for the rest of his life. It wasn’t that he wanted to be single, but after having his heart broken far too many times, he stayed guarded in romantic relationships. Often, women grew bored early in the relationship from his inability to bear his soul, or the few who did stick around long enough to find out the details of his sordid past judged him for it. So, Kent decided to stop pursuing and enjoyed random nights with random pretty women who would always leave the next day.

That was until he met the woman who had been living rent-free in his mind for the past two years.

Brooklyn Owens was a well-known Food Blogger who focused on the history of recipes and food in general. Her intelligence, wit, talent, and passion drew him, and the air was knocked from his lungs the first time he saw her picture.


It had been a particularly rough week for Kent. His boss dropped a complex project in his lap that demanded his immediate attention and caused him to submit his other project too close to the deadline for his liking. He was a bit of a perfectionist and adhered to an always stay at least three steps ahead philosophy. The week had just been full of disappointments. He had wanted to go for a ride that evening after work, but it was pouring down the rain. He decided to stop at the new café that had opened a few months ago in the next town over and treat himself to a cappuccino, and that’s when he saw her.

The line was terribly long, and he was about seven patrons back from her, but he immediately recognized her long hair, glasses, and full lips. He could not tear his eyes away. Somehow, she was even more radiant in person.

She could sense his eyes on her, and when she turned and caught his gaze, they were each caught off guard by the other’s smile.

“If you grab that table nestled in the corner over there,” she pointed with her head to a small table for two next to the big picture window, “I’ll buy your coffee and join you if you’d like.”

“I would like that very much,” he responded, already smitten with her bold demeanor. “I’ll have a cappuccino.”

She sat the coffee before him and slid into the chair across from him.

“We’ve always talked about this. I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

Kent took a sip of his beverage before smiling at her. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Brooklyn.”


Brooklyn gave him a side glare, but she couldn’t wipe the smile from her face.

“I’ve gotten pretty used to you randomly staring at me, but you could offer to help, ya know?” She teased as she applied the pine garland to the top of the hutch.

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Kent had just come home from work. As per tradition, Brooklyn had spent the entire day cleaning and decorating for Christmas.

“You have such a flair for decorating, my dear. I don’t want to get in your way.”

“Mmmhmm. Nice save.”

He chuckled before he walked up behind her and playfully smacked her butt as she stood on her tiptoes, trying her best to get the garland to stay in place. “Would it help if I started heating up leftovers?”

Brooklyn released a frustrated sigh as the end of the garland kept slipping off the edge of the hutch despite the hook placed to keep it there. “Why won’t you stay where I put you?”

She dropped her arms in defeat and turned to look at her boyfriend. “That would be very helpful. As soon as I figure out how to keep this end intact, all I have left is to decorate the table, and I’m finished.”

He simply nodded, not wanting to provoke the irritated beast, and started heating up the leftovers his girlfriend had so graciously prepared the day before.

While Brooklyn cleaned up from dinner, Kent ignited a fire in the fireplace, lit the candles Brooklyn had placed on the mantel and turned out the lights. He smiled at the lit Christmas tree. It looked so beautiful, with colored lights woven expertly between each branch, the garland perfectly spaced apart, and ornaments thoughtfully placed according to size and color. Not only was his girlfriend beautiful, but she was talented in so many ways.

Brooklyn poured herself a glass of the spiced wine Kent picked up for her on his way home from work. He was constantly bringing home her favorite things for her to enjoy. He turned on the Christmas playlist they made together, and a blues guitar filled the room.

Brooklyn sat her wine down on the coffee table and smiled at the man who had completely stolen her heart. “Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Williams?”

“Is it working?”

She played shy by grinding the ball of her foot into the floor while swaying her hip. The look in her eye, however, gave her away.


Kent smiled and in one swift movement, grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him, and started swaying her around the room.

“I have wanted this for so long,” he whispered as he gently cupped her jaw and gave her that look that needed no words. That look told her exactly how he felt about her.

“You said that to me the first night we spent together.”

“I still can’t believe you’re mine.” He brought her even closer as they swayed around the room.

“We just spent our first Thanksgiving together, and here I am, dancing in the living room of the home we share, and you’ve decorated the house so beautifully, and we’re about to spend our first Christmas together.”

He brushed the hair off her shoulders and rested his hands on her hips as their movements halted as the song changed to something more fast-paced.

“And for the first time in a very long time, I’m looking forward to Christmas.”

Brooklyn melted at his words. Kent had always had a way of turning her to putty. She could not escape his irresistible grasp. She stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

“Thank God you decided to research the Pennsylvania Dutch traditions.” Kent rested his forehead against hers as they finally came up for air.

“Thank God you stopped into the café for a cappuccino,” she retorted.

“The last thing I thought when I stepped into that café was that a beautiful woman would offer to buy me coffee.”

“And the rest, as they say, is history.”

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11 Responses to Holiday Kisses

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Great holiday fun! Excellent story!

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Aww! Great job! Look forward to more.

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    Great story! Makes me wonder if their meeting was crazy coincidence or fate.

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  4. My hopeful romantic inside is definitely sated with this story. Thank you for that! I look forward to seeing the creativity of fictional stories continue to flow out of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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