Throwback Thursday #10

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

I like to imagine prayer as a flower

For when we pray we open our whole selves–

to the sun or the moon

to the universe

we know there’s something more–

we can’t see

or touch

or hear

or taste

Something we can’t know

except in the moments we’re in them

steadily growing

and flowing

and moving

circles of motion

like geese on Sunday mornings

flying above pine-covered mountains

and circling blue skies

We look up

arms stretched wide

cleansing our minds from the cobwebs

and cleaning our hearts from the filth

we see them, see ourselves, and know–

we must take the highest care

and compassion in all things

Inhale, knowing we are made from all of this

And exhale, knowing we are truly blessed

because we are here, witnessing the miracle

that is life

A circle of motion

Like geese circling the morning

we give thanks

for all we have

all we are

and all we cannot see

or know

And like the flower

whose petals drop one by one

so do our days

and weeks

and months

and years

and we pray

that it is all done

in beauty

I forgot about this poem. It’s rejoined my favorites list. I hope you enjoyed it!


Love & life lessons,


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9 Responses to Throwback Thursday #10

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    Powerful and spiritual. Well written!

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  2. Yes, you said perfectly, inhale, because we are made of all of this, the breath of life… a most beautiful poem Kristian.

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  3. Wow! I did, indeed, have to remind myself to inhale because your words penned here truly left me breathless. Thank you for sharing this important message with all of us.

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