Throwback Thursday #7

In 2019 I wrote a poem on my birthday, and I have done so ever since. I thought I would share a couple of those poems on the Thursdays leading up to my birthday.

This is the poem that started the tradition. I hope you enjoy it!

Love & life lessons,


The Woman I Am

I have always been taken

with things that have age

and history…

It is not growing older

that bothers me

but the realization

that time is fleeting

and fickle

and ephemeral

And I know

time is also precious

and with age comes wisdom

and I have learned

what is important

As a child

I hid parts of myself

even from my own eyes

I would wrap myself

in a towel

just to walk

to my bedroom

from the shower

and I would change my clothes

 under the bed sheets

ashamed of my early development

Now I walk from the shower

to my bedroom

wearing nothing

but the lavender oil

that anoints my body

And I am proud

of the woman

I have become

for I am the daughter

of Larry and Peggy

and the granddaughter

of James and Dorothea


Guy and Virgie

and the sister

of Jason

You see, these people

helped shape

the woman I am

their blood is my blood

their particles are my particles

and my heart beats to their rhythm

And to hide any parts

of myself

would be

an injustice to them

So I will stand

as proud as the lavender

that basks in the sun

and blows in the wind

before becoming the oil

that anoints my body

And on this day

of my birth

I will bask

in the sun’s rays

and feel the wind

on my skin

because what is important

is family

and love

and making the most

of fleeting

and fickle

and ephemeral time

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23 Responses to Throwback Thursday #7

  1. Lovely expressions of self. I enjoyed the read😊

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  2. Yes! Well done and beautifully written. Lovely work Kristian!

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  3. You are so gorgeous ❀

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    Your parents and grandparents are certainly proud of the woman you have become. Self-love is not always the easiest thing to find. I am glad you have it in spades!

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  5. I read your words and my soul smiled that you could so apparently easily find such a wonderful balance of the truth of self, not by speaking in positive or negative thoughts and ideas, but simple acceptance of who you are. I hope some day to be able to find that same balance within myself. Thank you for a shining example!

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    • kristianw84 says:

      It is always my hope that my words will move, inspire, or resonate with someone. The balance did not come easily, and it something I continously struggle with. Maybe one day we can have a discussion about it. My mother thought that a woman’s beauty defined her and that beauty meant being a size two. My body was not built to be so small, and it’s a hard thing to unlearn. I know beauty is not a size, but it’s something I struggle with, and I am currently on a weight-loss journey.

      Anyway, I also hope you find that balance. You are worthy of the same love you give others. πŸ€— Thank you for your support and encouragement!


  6. Jeff says:

    That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

    So this isn’t your birthday, yet?

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  7. An excellent expression Kristian, would you mind if l included this in one of my social calendar posts? Most likely ‘Lasting thoughts’ this week?

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  8. LOVE! Happy birthday!!

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