Throwback Thursday #4

sometimes i wish i were a book

sometimes i wish i were a book

placed delicately in your hands

so i could feel you run your fingers

down my spine

and allow my words

to seep through your skin

would you be able to put me down

or would you keep turning pages

learning all that you could

would you highlight your favorite passages

i wonder if your pupils

would dilate at my colorful cover

how i would love to see your reaction

when you reach the chapters of my secrets

i would love to feel you stroke

gently along my creases

would you keep me on a shelf

or take me with you everywhere

would you read between my lines

would you take the time to care

how i would long for the feel

of your strong hands

caressing my body

watch you inhale my scent

as you read the phrases

that are naughty

we would spend rainy days together

from the first line you would be hooked

oh yes

my dear

how i wish i were a book

I know I’m late with my Thursday post, but I didn’t want to skip it. I wrote this poem two years ago.

I hope you enjoy it!

Love & life lessons,


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25 Responses to Throwback Thursday #4

  1. Storyteller says:

    Ah ha and a little naughty 🤣

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  2. It would be difficult to get through all the binding, pointy corners, and endless sheets.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brad Osborne says:

    A lovely metaphor delivered in playful and poignant verse. Really loved this! ♥

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  4. The poem is delightful in word and tone. However, it did make me think about how we, as humans, pay more attention to our “things” than our loved ones. These days, a similar one could be written about cell phones!

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  5. A most interesting analogy and a fabulous one Kristian! Loved the imagery of this poem! Cheers and a great Friday to you!

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  6. This is mastery on every level! Smart and crafty with every word! I could perfectly see it playing out in my head. Beautiful craftsmanship of poetry.

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  7. The V Pub says:

    Your words have a very musical feel to them. I love this analogy you’ve written.

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  8. parkermccoy says:

    I’ve always loved to read books. I think will love reading them even more so now! Thank you for the awesome words!

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  9. I have always said men need to learn to read the woman they love. Oh the wonderful stories hidden within😉

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  10. good2begone says:

    I would double like it if I could. Love this thank you

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  11. Jeff says:

    Your love poems (thinking, as well of the one that follows this one) are exquisite. They invoke such emotion. You are an excellent wordsmith.

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