I dream

I dream

of peeling oranges in the kitchen

the scent of lilac wafting through the window

the sound of waves crashing against the shore

your hands on my hips as you come up behind me

a new normal to start the day


I dream

of laughing on a bench

as we watch the sun settle

behind a great lake

shades of orange and pink

stretch across the sky, the waves, my cheeks

a portrait of my love for you


I dream

of white linen

red lips and lace

your hungry eyes gleaming

starvation written on your face

lilac scented air

shadows dancing on the wall

passion burning nightfall


I dream

of a two-wheeled beauty

wind whipping through my hair

vibration stirring senses

leather caressing skin

coffee stolen kisses

between sunrayed asphalt journeys

to unknown destinations

back home again to sin

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8 Responses to I dream

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    Wonderfully voiced, Kristian! I love the scenes painted by your words. ♥

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  2. Beautiful Kristian, there is nothing more magical, mysterious and delicious than dreams!

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  3. Jessica says:

    Heartfelt, sad and the best ❤

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