Starry, Starry Night

I was only a child when I fell in love with Van Gogh’s art, and so it seems all of my favorite artists, musicians, poets, writers, and creators were and are troubled in some way.

Something about Van Gogh’s art struck me, and for as long as I can remember, The Starry Night has been my favorite painting. Over the years, my mom bought me many gifts related to Van Gogh’s art, especially the aforementioned painting. The last gift she bought me before she died was a pair of earrings, handpainted with my favorite painting by my favorite famous artist. I cherish these earrings so much.

Last year, Neil took me to a Van Gogh immersive experience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for my birthday! I did enjoy it very much. However, the room where they displayed his art on every wall and along the floor had circles marked off for people to stand and sit. The reason for this was so that no matter where one sat, they could see the views of the art in front of them as they moved from wall to wall. Of course, there had to be that one asshat who didn’t follow the rules and walked around obstructing people’s views. I and others had to lean out of our chairs to see around him, and I just wanted to scream, “Read the friggin’ context clues, dude!” Sigh, it’s his world; we’re just living in it. People always ruin everything, which is why I prefer to stay in. It seems I’m getting a bit cynical in my old age.

I digress, I did enjoy the experience, despite the man who tried to ruin it for me, and I have learned in these settings to always expect the worst because people are people, and they will always be disappointing. I refuse to allow them to ruin my good time, though!

The walls of the building were lined with Van Gogh’s art, but one of my favorite displays was sunflowers in the shape of a Steelers football helmet. I love mashups of my favorite things!

Another favorite was Gogh’s self-portrait.

They call it an immersive experience because it truly is. The art moves all around you! One of my favorite pictures captured is of my teal Chuck Taylor’s with the brush strokes of Van Gogh’s art lining the floor beneath them and the wall in front.

Despite the man often walking in my path of sight, I did manage to take some good pictures of the art that was displayed!

Of course, I bought some souvenirs to remember the event, and I posted a picture of them on Instagram with the caption “How I’m Goghing to spend my evening.” (I’m a dork, I know)!

I purchased the tumbler of the Skeleton, smoking a cigarette (I absolutely love that painting, it’s so unlike Gogh’s other work) for mead! My favorite mead is by a brand called “Viking Blod.” So, it is fitting.

I also took a couple of videos. As the art moved around the room, classical music played, and it moved me in many ways.

If you ever get the chance to Gogh (haha), I highly recommend it! If someone walks around, simply guide them to one of the circles and tell them that the art moves so they don’t have to!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs. The song is about my favorite famous painter, and it was written by Don McLean, but something about Josh Groban’s version speaks to me.

Love & life lessons,


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22 Responses to Starry, Starry Night

  1. Sounds and looks like they ran the exhibition or rather immersiveness was well organised allowing for the arty viewer to fully understand what the creator was thinking.

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  2. Paula Light says:

    I’ve been to one and absolutely loved it! Luckily, there were no jerks present during my experience 😍

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  3. utahan15 says:

    one ty for sharing,, two why is josh covering don s master piece about vincent. three who s neil? he a kind for sure. van gogh was despised in his life time. i suspect he was autistic. a fellow fuck up creator such as meself. no doubt you find my modesty lacking. LET S GO O S.! OH HAPPY DAY!

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  4. I think that came out here, but every time we were able to go and see it. They had to shut down because of COVID.

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  5. Brad Osborne says:

    Loved the story and the photos you shared. I am a fan of Van Gogh and “Starry Night” is one of my favorites too. The immersive experience you described sounds like a wonderful way to see and appreciate this unique talent and man. Although, I love Josh’s voice, I still prefer the original song. Not because the vocals are better, but because it is sung by the song’s creator and that connects with me more. Have a Happy 4th of July, my friend!

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    • kristianw84 says:

      The immersive experience is a wonderful way to see his art, especially his Japanese influenced paintings. I don’t think I realized there were so many until I visited that exhibit. I enjoy the original song, and McLean deserves all the credit, but there’s something about Groban’s voice… Happy 4th, my dear!

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  6. Jeff says:

    Beautiful! Sounds like great fun. I love the song, and have played it, frequently, myself (I play guitar and sing). I grew up loving the music of Don McLean. I like Groban, too, but prefer Don’s version. Groban’s sounds too . . . elevatory. HAHA!!! I also like mead! It’s hard to find around here.

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    • kristianw84 says:

      I usually prefer the original songs too, but there’s just something about Groban’s voice that does this song justice for me. It’s great that you play guitar and sing! I am also a musician, but my specialties are woodwinds and percussion. I do love the sounds of strings. I love music in general. If you ever come to the east coast, let me know. I know some great places with varieties of mead!

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