For Jared C.

I reconnected with an old friend

and it was as if the clocks hadn’t moved

in all those years…

that old familiar feeling

like reading The Velveteen Rabbit

or watching When Harry Met Sally

for the hundredth time

he is that for me.

Despite the lost time

and lost conversations…

and life and time still have a way

of getting in the way

but it is not for lack of love,

or care, or affection

for he and I share a soul.

From yoga to Star Trek,

wine and the written word,

music and the art of baking

we are the same.

So, it goes without saying

that our silence

is not silent at all

I will sit beside you again,

my friend,

and we will laugh and talk,

and share glasses of wine and meals

just as we did all those years ago

and time will stand still for a moment…

thirty-somethings going on seventeen

and no matter the length of time

between conversations

and glasses of wine

I know that I am with you

just as you have always been with me…

not bone of my bone

nor blood of my blood

but soul of my soul.

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4 Responses to For Jared C.

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    Your beautiful poem shows us that time may not be as linear as we would like to think. I am glad that you were able to reconnect with someone that means so much to you!

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