With Nothing of Note

I believe there is sunshine
in remembering these moments
with nothing of note
except time, and laughter, and life shared.
My head thrown back,
dark curls caressing my shoulders,
and laughter bellowing from the depths of my soul.


Traveling down I-68
with tears of joy
streaming down our faces,
and Zeppelin playing on the radio.
Mixed CD’s & mixed emotions
filling the car,
and pickled cauliflower
filling our stomachs.


We would drive all night
just to spend the day at Ocean city—
watching the sunrise,
walking the boardwalk
for funnel cake
and Thrasher’s fries.
Only to turn around
and drive back home.


Now that I’m older,
I still relish these moments
with nothing of note
except time, and laughter, and life shared.
Carrying out old traditions
that have always been with me,
and making new memories
with people I love.


Staying up late
to watch horror movies
and scare ourselves silly.
Stovetop popcorn
and stargazing,
just taking it slowly…


A beer on the porch
and pepperoni rolls in the oven
a Billie Holiday record
on the turntable
dancing barefoot
in the grass.


Times have changed,
and so have the people.
But I still love
those I-68 drives,
and pickled cauliflower,
and mixed CD’s.


And despite the losses
and heartaches
I have felt,
I’m still creating those moments
with nothing of note,
and finding
my head thrown back,
dark & silver curls caressing my shoulders,
and laughter bellowing from the depths of my soul.

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33 Responses to With Nothing of Note

  1. The V Pub says:

    A life well lived. It’s a beautiful thing that you carry them with you.

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  2. utahan15 says:

    they phase out the forms we like don t want apps or modern i crap!
    like the o s loss to m s addley stinks so far come on kid
    so death is the back to dust and living to day is our must
    whatcha doin
    who is who
    and who are you truly>?
    gosh i m so nosey

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  3. Sorry to do it this way but did you get hacked and make a new account on Instagram? Also are you involved in a competition requiring votes?

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    Loved this! You have captured the beauty and uniqueness of these small moments when life feels intimate, personal, and well lived. I have never seen you more beautiful that when you are laughing from your soul!

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  6. Simone E says:

    This piece touched me deeply. The emotion, the vibrancy and the love is awesomely expressed.
    The memories we make is the life we create.
    Well written and great read 👍

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  7. jonicaggiano says:

    It is so nice to think back of lovely memories that we each have, but your piece sure reminded me of an amazing time I had with a bug full of girlfriends in a snow storm playing music on the radio and jamming out. Great piece kristian, hugs, Joni

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