Glencoe Dreams, Part Three

Glencoe Dreams, Part One

Glencoe Dreams, Part Two

* Author’s note: I realize this story fell on the back burner. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to it, but the past three weeks have been insanely stressful. Things have seemed to calm to their normal stress levels, so I have returned to it.

I promise, the next installment will pick up the pace!

Love & life lessons,


Glencoe Dreams, Part Three

    The day had finally arrived! In a little over three hours, Serena was going to come face-to-face with the man she had been crushing on for the past six months.

It was currently 4:50 am in Glasgow, Scotland, and the sun was just beginning to peek above the city. Serena captured snapshot after snapshot of the perfect reflection of the sky and skyline in the water below. Serena smiled, pleased with her work. She sat her camera down on the glass table beside her on the balcony of her hotel suite and picked up her coffee cup. She gently leaned against the railing and took in the breathtakingly beautiful view before her. Colors of pink, yellow, and orange painted the sky, reflected in the clouds and mirrored in the calm water below, made for a work of prismatic art.

   “Wow,” She heard Isabella whisper behind her so as not to wake Katarina.

   “This is worth getting up before 5:00 am for,” Isabella said, not able to tear her eyes away from the sky as she joined her friend on the balcony.

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   “I’ve missed these moments with you,” Serena confessed, reaching over to grab her friend’s hand.

   “Me too.” Isabella squeezed her hand before releasing it to pick up her coffee mug.

    “How are you feeling?” Isabella asked her.

    “Like butterflies have made my stomach their sanctuary.”

    “I don’t know what you’re so worried about; The man is absolutely smitten with you.” Isabella’s smile reached her eyes.

   Surprisingly, Serena discovered the one thing that could tear her eyes away from a sunrise, and that was being caught off guard when it came to the first man who had piqued her interest since Mitch. 

   “What are you not telling me?” She asked.

   Isabella quickly realized her error. “Um, uh, “she stammered, “I, I, it’s nothing. Y’know,” she paused to rub the back of her neck, a trait she often did when she was trying to think quickly.

   “Y’know, I’ve always thought he’s had a thing for you.”

   “No, that’s not it.” Serena glared at her friend, who was looking down at her feet. “I’ve known you for twenty-four years; I know when you’re hiding something from me.”

   “Fuck!” Isabella ran her hands down her face, stopping at her mouth. She finally made eye contact with her friend. “I can’t tell you.”


   “Because it’s for your own good.”

   Serena scoffed, “Keeping me guessing whether he actually likes me or not is for my own good?”

   “What makes you think he doesn’t like you?”

   “One,” Serena put her left pointer finger over her underhanded right pointer finger as she shifted her weight to her right hip. “He’s never called me pretty or beautiful.”

   “He knows you’re widowed. Maybe he’s just being respectful.”

   “Two,” She repeated the same motion with her middle fingers as she did with her pointers. “I’m constantly complementing his photography. I tell him things I love about it, and his artistic style and how his artist’s eye captures the perfect frames.”

   “I tell him how well-written his stories are when he explains the memory behind the photo.”

   “He has never once complimented anything of mine, save for a selfie.”

   “Maybe he’s not much of a commenter.” Isabella tried to reassure her.

   “Maybe he doesn’t think I’m good.” Serena pointed out.

   “I just need you to trust me on this.” Isabella placed a comforting hand on Serena’s shoulder before walking back into the suite so she could wake Katarina and they could all start getting ready.

Serena took one last look at the sky before joining her friends. It always amazed her how quickly the clouds could change.

Image credit: Charlie McGuigan. Retrieved from Pinterest.

  Knowing the chance of multiple stops and spontaneous hikes on the way to Glencoe was highly possible, Serena decided to dress casually. After an argument with Isabella over a pair of leggings, Serena went with a pair of jeans that did wonders for her butt and legs. She paired it with her Orioles tee shirt, a lightweight black jacket, and a pair of hiking boots. Serena parted her long, raven hair to the right and braided it to hang over her right shoulder. She decided not to bother with jewelry other than her rings which she never removed, and her Fitbit watch.

   “How could he not think you’re gorgeous?” Isabella motioned both hands towards Serena.

   “Do you not think he thinks you’re beautiful?” Katarina asked.

   “I mean, I’m sure he finds me attractive.” Serena confessed, “What I mean is, I don’t know that he’s ever looked at my picture and thought, Wow, she’s beautiful.”

  “Or I’d really like to kiss those lips.” Serena looked down at her feet.

   Katarina placed a finger under her friend’s chin and lifted it until their eyes met. “I’ve never seen you like this.”

   “It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about anyone,” Serena sighed and turned her head to let Isabella know she was talking to her as well. “What if he grows impatient with me?”

   “Then he’s not the right one for you,” Isabella replied matter-of-factly. “You’ll still get this wonderful adventure. You’ll make a ton of memories, learn some new skills, or hone the ones you already have – “

   “Hopefully, both!” Katarina interjected.

    Serena smiled at her friend before turning her attention back to Isabella.

   “He seems like a good guy, so even if he turns out to not be a romantic partner, at least, you’ll make a friend.” Isabella continued.

   “See, this is why I need you.” Serena hugged her friend. “Thank you.”

   “Both of you.” She let go of Isabella with one arm and welcomed Katarina into a group hug. “I’d be lost without my soul sisters.”

To be continued…

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