If I Could Go Back In Time

i would travel to fifteen

and tell her

to hold her head high

to not compare herself

to other girls

now or at thirty-five

for we are not the kind of beautiful

that turns heads

or steals breaths

we are the kind of beautiful

that watches sappy movies

and attempts sappy poetry

the kind that cries

watching national geographic

while a baby animal dies

the kind that fills

the room with laughter

and the car with song

the kind that sings

as loud as our lungs

will allow

we are not the kind of beautiful

that brings a man to his knees

or his jaw to the floor

we are the kind of beautiful

whose hearts become shattered

when others are

the kind that gets lost

gazing at stars

and sunsets

the kind of beautiful

that will never abandon anyone

yet understands when we are abandoned

we indulge in reese’s cups

and nachos and horror movies

and genuinely love the little things

we may not turn heads

or steal breaths

or make men weak

but we are smart

and kind

and look great in blue jeans

i would tell her

she is smarter than she knows

and stronger than she looks

and one day she will master

how to write a hook

and her own cupcake recipe

i would tell her

her worth is not defined

by the mirror or the scale

but in her light

that shines from her soul

that she has always carried so well

we are not the kind of beautiful

that turns heads

but beautiful, we are still

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22 Responses to If I Could Go Back In Time

  1. Sadje says:

    Indeed you’re beautiful

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  2. “I would tell her… her worth…” Such is the wisdom of you arriving at this moment – and not losing a second in telling your younger self what is true. Beautiful.

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  3. simplywendi says:

    YES! this is awesome!

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    The genuine bearing of our souls is the light that graces poetry in beauty. But it is the bravery to speak our own truths in which the reader finds the common ground to be moved and touched by the words. You have eloquently penned the inner lament of many young girls and shown we are more than what people see. You are all those things and more my dear friend! So very well written!

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  5. Nova says:

    Everything about this is amazing!!! You are eternally beautiful!

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  6. Beautifully said and beautiful person ❀

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  7. cheriewhite says:

    Such a beautiful and uplifting piece! As someone who was bullied at age 15 and is now a happy and confident 49 year old, I can relate. This puts a smile on my face. ❀

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  8. Sustainable beauty is the best!🀠πŸ”₯

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  9. we are smart and kind and look great in blue jeans. This is written with a sureness that is appealing. You are Beautiful and you are a gift with a writing talent. Express yourself, Beautiful! Beautiful! that is YOU!!!:)

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