Time Spent With Nature Is Time Well Spent

Last week I went on a hike through a few state parks in my area to clear the cobwebs in my mindand capture the beautiful fall scenery.

I took 135 photos, don’t worry, I won’t share all of them with you, but there are quite a few that are too good not to share.

Come exploring with me:

The adventure started in my own backyard!

I am in love with this tree!

This lake is only five minutes from my house

A roundom tree that caught my attention

I have visited this place more times than I can count and every time it’s magical

If heaven exists, I imagine it looks something like this:

Just a few shots from downtown which is very historic. I enjoy learning about the history of the place I call home.

I encourage all of you to go exploring in and around the areas surrounding you! We often taken for granted the beauty that surrounds us.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these photos of the place I call home. ❤

Love & life lessons,


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13 Responses to Time Spent With Nature Is Time Well Spent

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    Why do I think you missed your calling by not becoming a professional photographer? Love you guys!

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  2. I can see why you like that tree! That yellow colour is gorgeous!

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  3. The V Pub says:

    Your photos really captured the spirit of fall. Beautiful!

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  4. johncoyote says:

    The photos are amazing. I been taking the photos of the change of color in Michigan. Just beginning in my area. Thank you dear Kristian for sharing the wonderful photos.

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  5. inaloveworld says:

    “Time Spent With Nature Is Time Well Spent” are true words and beautifully illustrated! Thank you for sharing them!

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