Reunited And It Feels So Good

I love rediscovering music! It’s like reconnecting with an old friend. That warm, familiar feeling and you find yourself falling in love all over again! I have reunited with my old flame, The Red Hit Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis is 57-year-old now, but he still looks and sounds just as good as ever!


Anyway, there is one song in particular that I have added to my “If you want to get to know me, listen to these songs” list.Β  I’ll get to that in a minute.

In addition to rediscovering music, I have also been discovering new music, it’s been a great week for music for me!

I wanted to share the songs that I’ve been dancing to this week, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  1. Dark Necessities by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is the song I was referring to earlier. First of all that guitar, it’s a little dirty, a little funky, me in a nutshell. The piano is soft and sweet, also like me. I’m very caring, but I have some sharp edges. The lyrics hit home too. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me I remind them of their sweet, old, grandma. Um…. is that supposed to be a compliment?

I get what they’re saying, they look at my face and they see me as this really nice girl who obeys the rules and was probably a “goody-two-shoes.” HA! I believe in structure and there are rules for reasons, I respect our law enforcement and we need them to serve and protect us, however; I cannot lie and tell you I conform to something if I don’t understand it. I have been and always will be a bit of a rebel in that way, this surprises some people. I curse when I’m angry, this also tends to shock people. I have spoken about how I shocked my best friend the first time she saw me dance. She always thought I was so angelic, well I’m 80% angelic, but that 20% of me, oh boy! It might actually be 70/30 now that I think about it.

I feel like every single line in this song gets me, but especially the chorus. “Dark necessities are part of my design” and I’m tired of apologizing for them or being ashamed or scared of them because they are very much a part of me, and I should embrace them, especially knowing that there will always be more light in me than darkness.

In other words, if you piss me off (and if you do, you probably deserve whatever is coming to you, because I am pretty easy to get along with,) I can be your worst enemy, but if I love you, I’ll bake you cookies and stuff! Haha. Okay, maybe I really am the sweet old, grandma.

2. What Would It Take – Anderson East

I discovered this song just this week, I couldn’t help myself from swaying to it. The combination of the piano, drums, and his raspy voice. *Swoon* Add those lyrics, my gosh! Someone is going to have to come and mop me up. I have become a puddle on the floor.

3. Inside Friend – Leon Bridges and John Mayer

They had me at “I want to see you slide across my kitchen floor.” John Mayer makes this song though, his voice is magical, but it’s his guitar! Good LAWD! That guitar, mmmm, gets me every time!

4. Isolation – Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp

A blues guitar and Johnny Depp’s voice? Yes, please!!

5. Black Moon Rising – Black Moon Rising

There are some songs that I move to instinctively, I can’t explain it. Even though I’ve never heard it before, my body moves to it as if it knows it, this is one of them.

6. XO -John Mayer

Another forgotten favorite, but “Baby, love me lights out,” gets me every. single. time.

7. Something Like Olivia – John Mayer

Not a forgotten favorite, but one that I hadn’t played in a while, and I love dancing around to it. It’s fun!

8. Tennessee Whiskey -Chris Stapleton

I don’t know what it is exactly about that guitar that makes me weak, but that and his soulful voice find their way in rotation throughout many of my playlists.

9. Could Have Been Me -The Struts

I had heard of the Struts before and I’ve heard a few of their songs, but never really got into them. My friend, Christen, saw them live and fell in love and now she has me hooked too. Plus this song is very motivational!

10. What A Woman Wants To Hear – Anderson East

I discovered this man on an episode of Austin City Limits and I fell in love with him then, but I really only fell for one song, and that song was Devil In Me, which I still dearly love. But now I’m hooked on so many of his songs, actually all of his songs. Just look him up, everything this man does is gold!

I hope you enjoy these songs, and I would be absolutely delighted if you would share your favorites with me!!

Love & life lessons,






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23 Responses to Reunited And It Feels So Good

  1. Some good songs here πŸ˜‰

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  2. Brad Osborne says:

    For anyone who loves music, leaving their favorites in the comments section is like writing a whole blog post. You have touched on songs that reflect your personality, old songs well remembered, new music that are uplifting, get your feet dancing, or make you swoon. I wanted to leave just one song for brevity, so I chose the “stumbled across this and fell in love with it again” category. “I Hope I Never” by the Split Enz. But, beware, it is a haunting tune! Great post, my friend! ❀

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    • kristianw84 says:

      I can’t wait to listen to the song you have recommended. One of my favorite things is listening to the favorites of others. I will sit with my eyes closed and absorb it, and then I will know you a little better! Thank you so much!! And for the record, I don’t mind blog posts in the comment section, especially when the subject matter is music!! Thank you! ❀❀❀

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    • kristianw84 says:

      You were not kidding! A truly haunting tune, indeed. I had to take a minute, because the song instantly brought back a less than pleasant memory, but I’m a firm believer that pain is essential to our wellbeing, and the only way to heal is to experience all of the emotions. I can only assume that you know the pain associated with heartache and the breaks my heart. One would have to be ruthless to break a heart as golden as yours. Love & hugs! πŸ˜˜πŸ€— It is a beautiful song, by the way! Very rarely do I come across a song I haven’t heard. Thank you for sharing this one! ❀

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  3. The V Pub says:

    I’ve never been a Peppers fan, although Flea is a good bass player. I’ve had a few earworms lately. Here are two:

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  4. Mrs ESTJ says:

    Never heard Johnny Depp sing. I shall make it my task for the weekend.

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  5. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    That is great Kristian! Time to discover and music is a great thing to discover, especially cool songs like those. I have to say that I’ve always loved the Chili Peppers especially as a bassist, always appreciated and learned from Flea. Lately I have turned to a band I used to really admire back in the late nineties, System of a Down and realised how good their songs really were…keep discovering, cannot wait to see what other songs your next list may contain. All the best and my greetings from Spain,

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  6. Laura Beth says:

    We’ve been watching react videos from this great guy on YouTube. His account is Jamel_AKA_Jamal. He is hilarious! Enjoy.

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