30 Underrated Movies, Day 16


I battled with the idea of including this movie or not, but I decided to include it. The reason I was conflicted is that I know a lot of people older than me who speak very highly of this movie. They know it and love it, and as far as critics go, the movie is gold.

The reason I am still including it is that it seems my generations and the ones who follow haven’t seen it or even heard of it. How amazing it is to have the opportunity to introduce them to such wonderful art!?

Kristian’s 16th underrated movie is:

2001: A Space Oddity (1968) Directed by Stanley Kubrik

2001 poster

I remember the very first time I watched this movie. It blew my mind! Remember, this movie was made in the ’60s. CGI wasn’t around back then. This is art, people! (Not that CGI isn’t in its own way, and when done right it adds a certain flair to the movie, Marvel is great at CGI. DC, well, not so much.) When you take time to work and master your craft, you can create magic. I mean, the imagery in this film is better than some of the sci-fi films made today. This is why I appreciate the art of using paintings, photographs,  and imagination to create something so magical, I understand the time, patience, frustration, and the roller coaster ride of emotions involved with falling in love with the craft. I’m not comparing myself to the artists that created the scenes for 2001: A Space Oddity. I’m not even worthy of viewing such art, which is also why I am so grateful for it. How I compare is that I have fallen in love with writing so much, I can’t imagine my life without it. I need to write, it’s as important to me as breathing.

I was going to write this big long post about the movie, but if reading the above paragraph doesn’t leave you with the desire to watch it, then I’m not sure anything else I could say would.

I am envious of anyone who has yet to see this movie, I would love to have the opportunity to see it again, for the first time.

You won’t be able to tear your eyes from the screen, so don’t even bother pairing it with anything. Unless you’re a stoner, in which cases, you know what to do.


Have you seen 2001: A Space Oddity? Did you enjoy it? What movie(s) would you recommend?

Love & life lessons,


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15 Responses to 30 Underrated Movies, Day 16

  1. parkermccoy says:

    I like some of Kubrick’s movies but they are always as slow as molasses. The Shining moved about right I thought, but his other work just dragged by, including this one. The imagery is impressive and Kubrick didn’t do cookie-cutter movies which I admire. But it’s not a movie I would watch often. It’s okay, but just too slow. Great post, though!

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  2. BGCT2VA says:

    Yes, I’ve seen this movie several times and it never fails to impress. Interestingly, I’ve just finished reading, “Machines Like Me”, by Ian McEwan that touches on similar AI themes but with a fresh perspective. Thanks for including this pic in your list.

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    A true classic and a must see. “HAL” is a standard of pop culture and has some of the best lines in the movie. If I were to suggest a movie, it would be “No Way Out” from 1987 with Kevin Costner. An obviously very young Kevin Costner. Stay well and safe!

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