The Songs I Can’t Get Enough OF Lately

The other day I put on a random playlist on Spotify, indulged in some butterscotch wine, and started writing. I cannot stop thinking about my characters and I find myself needing to write this novel. I have so many novels started, it’s not even funny, but I think I just needed to write the ideas out of my head to clear the clutter, because I am in love with this story and where it is going. I’m still in the “building the romance” stages and it’s so fun to write!!

Anyway, these random shuffled songs helped shape the way for some of this story and they have become sort of a soundtrack for the story that has been playing in my mind. Unfortunately, I don’t have that particular journal of songs I wrote with me, but there are some songs I just can’t stop listening to, and I thought I would share those with you, so you can dance, sing, and maybe fall in love with them too!

hope you have enjoyed/ are enjoying/ will enjoy your Friday Eve!!

  • Take Me Home – Jess Glynee

  • Mermaid – Skott

  • Sweet Inspiration – The Derek Trucks Band

  • Honest I Do – Gary Clark Jr.

  • The Promise – When In Rome (A lot of these Cheesy 80’s love songs make an appearance. Lol. I love cheesy 80’s love songs! <3)

Now, get up and dance!

Love & life lessons,


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6 Responses to The Songs I Can’t Get Enough OF Lately

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    These will make for a beautiful soundtrack when your novel is made into a movie! Keep the story alive and the ink flowing!

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