For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Made To Feel They Are Less Than Good Enough

the human soul longs to spread its wibgs

“The Human Soul Longs to Spread its Wings” Artist: Christen Coddington

Who taught you to be so small?

Taught you that your scars are flaws?

As if your light can’t shine through –

the holes and cracks inside of you.

Taught you to accept what life gives you –

because you’re not worth your dreams coming true?

Taught you hate because of the color of your skin?

Taught you that your kind of love is a sin?

As if love has boundaries, something you can control

Seems they have forgotten the meaning –

perhaps they never knew at all.

Perhaps they never knew at all.

Do Not Listen!

For their mouths are full of venom

and their souls are full of hate

they will strip away your beauty.

Don’t let them through the gate.

They will tear your heart right off your sleeve –

and leave you breathless and bleeding.

Find the love that’s inside you

it is your heart still beating.

You were not made to be rooted

you need the air, that’s not polluted.

You deserve love so deep, it bursts at the seams

you deserve to be allowed to believe in your dreams.

You have a heart of gold and beauty so pure

and art and poetry live in your core

In a world of billions there is only one you

let your voice be heard. Can’t you see? The world needs you to.

Artwork by my bestie, Christen Coddington

Poetry by yours truly

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16 Responses to For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Made To Feel They Are Less Than Good Enough

  1. I love this and needed this. Thanks so much.

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  2. Sadje says:

    A beautiful poem. Very touching.

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  3. Love ❤️ this! So beautiful!

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  4. Brad Osborne says:

    What a beautiful call to empowerment! The ability to recognize and separate ourselves from the negativity of others opinions, thoughts, and words is crucial. I love the flow and the every person feel to your words. Well written, dear friend! ❤

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  5. parkermccoy says:

    So true. Drop all the naysayers and live up to your potential! What an inspiring poem. Thank you for sharing, Kristian!

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  6. suzeferro says:


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