Traveling Without Leaving Home


Inspiration has struck! Thanks to all of you who have sent me photos and prompts. Your support genuinely means the world to me!

I plan on getting around to the prompts, and I have them saved for a time when they will be needed, but right now I have thrown myself into my novel! I have Mel of Caramel to thank for that!! So thank you, Mel!! Mel emailed me with loads of advice, things that helped her when she was writing her book, and a bunch of pictures, and it instantly got my creative juices flowing!!

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the beautiful state of Tennessee. I really need to make the trip. It is only about a 5 to 7 hour drive depending on the town. It’s not that far away at all. Anyway, I have fallen in love with Watagua Lake. I could spend so much time there, and that’s exactly what my main character is doing. I am taking an idea and merging it with a story I have previously written, and I couldn’t be more excited!!


Anyway, back to Watagua Lake. Not only is the lake spectacularly beautiful, especially in the fall…..




……but they also have a winery, and it looks like it came straight from Italy!!




I am in love!! ❤ ❤ And now I HAVE to go there!!!!

So if you need me, I’ll be in Tennessee, in my mind.

Love & life lessons,





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11 Responses to Traveling Without Leaving Home

  1. CARAMEL says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sounds like an inspiring location!
    Isn’t it great that when you are writing, the world is your oyster. You can go anywhere you want!

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  2. Sadje says:

    Enjoy your trip.

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    Don’t forget to include some time in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My friends and I make a motorcycle trip to this area along the Tennessee and North Carolina border every couple of years. I can’t wait to read your book!

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  4. How absolutely beautiful!

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