Thanksgiving Traditions


There is something about Thanksgiving

that fills my heart with joy

and takes me back

to the house that always smelled like butter.

I remember butter pools on homemade biscuits

and butter lava pouring from white creamy volcanoes

and rivers of gold running and glistening over corn

my mother loved the creamy substance

And the traditions that come with this day

I still set an alarm so I don’t miss the parade –

and at 35 years of age, still wave to Santa

and I laugh as I decorate a plate

with canned cranberry sauce

only my grandmother could fancify jelled cranberries

And tears of joy and sadness both

will stream down my face as I unload the dishwasher

and rest my tired feet

to sit down and watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

sadness for the loved ones no longer sitting beside me

and joy for the memories and traditions still alive

with a plate of butter and biscuits on my lap

©Kristian L. Weigman
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23 Responses to Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. Sadje says:

    This post is too tempting! 😍😋

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  2. Reely Bernie says:

    The parade is an absolute must. I wish we did biscuits. I’m now craving biscuits. Like, I need a biscuit right now! I can’t wait until Thanksgiving this year! Family in the mountains and a good pause from the busy life at work I’m in right now 🙂

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    • kristianw84 says:

      I have always loved Thanksgiving!! We go back and forth between biscuits and rolls, and since I’m the baker in the family, I’m thinking it’s a must for homemade buttermilk biscuits this year!! That sounds wonderful!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    What a beautiful and fond rememberance of loved ones and cherished times!

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  4. You had me at “house that smells like butter!” Yummy!

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  5. The V Pub says:

    Such a touching, bittersweet and beautiful reminder that Thanksgiving is also a time to remember those who are no longer with us. We should all remember to raise a glass to absent friends this and every year.

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  6. Herb says:

    Beautifully spoken.

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  7. aguycalledbloke says:

    This is beautifully done Kristian, really nicely done, worded, written and expressed 🙂

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  8. W.S.Thompson says:

    Traditions have that effect! It’s always beautiful to see how they evolve throughout generations. Happy thanksgiving

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  9. Beautiful and moving poem Krustian. Thank you.

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