A Week From Today!!

In exactly one week from today I will be the big 35! I get told a lot that I look much younger than I really am. It used to bother me when I was younger, but now I think of it as a compliment. I mean some people still think I look like I’m in early 20’s! Let’s just hope I continue to age gracefully.

Then again, I don’t mind the thought of getting wrinkles. Wrinkles mean I laughed and smiled a lot. I already have a gray streak, which is a constant reminder of both my mom and grandmother, so I mean, even if I went all gray, I’ve seen many women look absolutely stunning with gray hair.

And really, at the end of the day, age is nothing but a number. I’m always going to be just a big kid at heart, so it really doesn’t matter how old I am.


Help Me Celebrate!!

I am going to share some of my favorite songs, poems, quotes, lyrics, and recipes with you. I would be absolutely elated if you you share some of your favorites with me!! ❤ Seriously, you’d make this gal’s birthday!!


You Saved Me by Gary Clark Jr.

I first discovered Gary Clark Jr. on an episode of Austin City Limits, and I fell in love. The dude has amazing guitar playing skills, and y’all know how much I love the sound of a blues guitar! ❤ This is from that episode of Austin City Limits where I heard him and fell in love.


From Eden by Hozier

I absolutely love this man’s voice, and there’s just something about this song that pulls me in.


  • Wild and Precious by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

An Ode to Mary Oliver, who is also one of my favorite poets. In fact, she inspired my writing style.

Wild and Precious

This is one of the poems from Mathew’s book, and one of my favorite poems, ever!

I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

To say these words a million times,

Wouldn’t be enough to express my feelings –

Through any elegant prose or rhymes,

A tenderness, I feel for you, leaves me reeling.


You’re my heart and soul combined,

Outside my body, externally intertwined.

I love you more than the air I breathe,

When I’m gone, to you, my all, bequeathed.

The saddest part, if I were dying tomorrow,

Would be to look upon your face in sorrow,

I just want what’s best for you, forever.

Loving you, from near or far, wherever.

But, time is only something that we borrow.


For you, I weep with tears of joy,

You brighten me with smiles, so coy.

Before you, my happiness had not debuted.

When I tell you that I love you,

It’s nothing but my truth.


I had no idea what I might find,

In this world I felt so colorblind,

Before I met you at that tender time,

So tongue-tied, love expressed in pantomime.


I know I’d never let you go willingly,

Just the thought of not having you is killing me.

You’re my destiny.

You’re the best of me.

The stars have never shined so brightly without you.

I could never live without that truth,

Not now that I’ve had a taste.

All life, without you, would be waste.

You’re the best of a toxic world.

The mixture of my dreams, swirled,

Into one beautiful woman,

With a heart shining at a million lumens.

You make my shadows break,

In the wake, of every step you take.


No moonlit sky or beautiful landscape,

Could in the same way, quite penetrate,

This heart reserved for you,

And all those wonderful things you do.

Like a budding blossom, holding dear, a morning dew,

I draw my sustenance from you.


Perhaps you’re too humble to have connected,

The way my life has been affected,

By your quality and grace,

And your lingering taste,

That rests upon my lips,

And holds me firmly in your grips.


If there’s any one thing that you should know,

It’s that I love you more than I can really show,

I love you more eloquently than these words that flow,

I love you more than any letters could bestow.

I’d die for you to save your woes.

I’ll love you more than you could ever know.

Thank you, as always, for reading. I look forward to seeing what all of you share!

Love & life lessons,


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2 Responses to A Week From Today!!

  1. Nathan AM Smith says:

    OMG 35?? You are beautiful! Inside and out!!

    Liked by 1 person

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