Late September Night

Every Month Didi Oviatt creates a writing prompt, and the only rule is to use the characters from our current WIP and write about the topic provided. You can read Didi’s original post below:

September Prompt: Anniversary

Late September Night

When it comes to romance, no one else comes close to Cara and Michael. Each one tries to out do the other on special occasions, (Michael usually wins) and it’s become sort of a romantic competition that leads to joyous tears and passionate love making. Their friends call them sickeningly sweet, and have said things such as “I have diabetes just watching you two.”

michael and cara

The fact of the matter is that while every love story truly is beautiful, people couldn’t help but be a little envious of Michael and Cara. Somehow, they had managed to keep that playful, flirtatious spirit they had since they were dating. People they first meet still think they’re newlyweds, but today, the two are celebrating their 15 year wedding anniversary, and their friends can’t wait to hear the stories that will come from this celebration, because neither of them had even the slightest inclination of what the other had up their sleeves.

Cara woke up early that morning in late September, hoping to beat her husband awake so she could make him breakfast, but when she looked over she noticed that the bed was empty. “Ugh, Williams.” She huffed. She walked into the bathroom to start her morning routine and on the sink laid a single sunflower, a note, and a paper bag. She couldn’t help the smile that crept across her face. Opening the note she felt like a teenager all over again, Michael had a way of stirring the butterflies in her stomach.

Good morning, my love,

Happy 15th anniversary. I have a special day planned for you, so please wake up slowly. Take a nice, long, hot bath, put on the anniversary playlist we made together, and then open the bag, slip on the little number I bought for you, and meet me in the dining room. Coffee is already waiting for you on the edge of the tub. I’ve left it on a mug warmer so it would stay hot for you. See you soon.

Love always,

Your husband.


Cara did as requested and took her time, she showered first, allowing the hot steam from the water to relax her body. She washed and conditioned her hair, shaved and exfoliated her legs, and gave herself a pedicure before slipping into a bubble bath filled with homemade lavender bath-bombs.

After her bath she dried and curled her hair, threw on some smoky eye shadow and red lipstick and then opened the bag to see what Michael had picked out for her for the day. Inside was a black lacy dress, it stopped right at the knee. It had beautiful, sheer lace long sleeves, and was just a little low cut. Michael loved showing her off. She decided to go all out, because she knew that this night would eventually lead right back up stairs to the bedroom.

She closed the curtains, set out some candles, and charged the blue tooth speaker. She made the bed and threw a few rose petals on it. Although he would never admit it, she knew Michael enjoyed being pampered once in a while too.


Cara put on the red and black lingerie she had picked out for the occasion, along with a matching garter belt, and black, thigh high pantyhose. She slipped the dress on over it and admired herself in the mirror before twisting a strand of hair behind her ear and securing it and the sunflower with a bobby pin. She slipped her feet into a pair of black, patent leather, high heels and made her way to the dining room, where Michael was standing waiting for her.

She chuckled as soon as she saw him, he looked like one of those cartoon characters where the eyes bug out of their heads and their pupils are replaced with hearts. She placed her pointer finger under his chin to close his mouth. “Like what you see?”


“Lord, Cara. I swear you get more and more beautiful with each passing year.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself, handsome.” She replied as she slid her hands over his chest and shoulders before kissing him. “Happy anniversary.”

He led her over to the dining room table, He had adorned the table with a plum colored, linen table cloth, a pumpkin, more sunflowers, and a candle. He had hung paper pumpkins from the chandelier above the table. It looked just like the table they sat at on their first date.

“Part of your gift my love,” he started as he placed a plate of waffles in front of her, “is the gift of time and creativity. We are going to relive some of my favorite moments, starting with our very first date at that little coffee shop where I wooed you with a corny pick up line.”

Cara chuckled at the memory. “Turns out that shirt was made of husband material.”

“You know it,” he kissed her cheek as he sat a caramel macchiato from the cafe where they first met in front of her.

“This is why you wanted me to take my time.”

He smiled at her. “Will you shave coffee with me, at the table by the window with the perfect view of the lake?”

Cara played shy, just like she had that day before responding “Yes, I’d love to.”

They spent the morning talking over breakfast and reminiscing about the day they met, and how both of them knew as soon as they felt that connection that this was it, their souls had been searching for one another.

couples coffee (2)

After breakfast Cara presented Michael with his first gift. Michael has always been taken with comic books, so she spent the past few months creating one for him. She wasn’t that great of an artist, but she knew her ways around a computer and was able to play around with some pictures she had captured over the years to make them appear like something from a comic book. She included some of his favorite moments, starting with childhood stories he had told her, to his college adventures with his best friend Brandon, and the time he was almost arrested. She included the time he met her, saving her from the evil, creepy barista who didn’t know how to play it smooth, and Michael, the dashing hero of the story whisking her away, and ending the comic with their wedding day.

The gift moved Michael to tears, and he kissed her so passionately, causing the heat to rise in her stomach, she reached to undo the buttons of his shirt, but he stopped her.
“Uh, huh, my little vixen. That was just a preview.”

The rest of the day continued much the same. Cara set up a picnic lunch in the woods were they sat on a blanket feeding each other and making out like teenagers. Michael took Cara downtown and they walked around the cobblestone alleys that made Cara feel like they were in some sort of fairy tale as they browsed through old antique shops, book stores, and stopped at her favorite bakery where Michael had already called in an order and Cara was surprised with a cake that looked just like the top of their wedding cake.

For dinner, Michael took Cara to a burger joint. It wasn’t fancy, but the place had a special meaning for both of them. Michael had wanted to take Cara to a fancy restaurant for her birthday one year. He hadn’t realized that in order to get in to this particular Italian restaurant he needed a reservation. He was bummed but determined to make it up to her, they drove all around looking for other places to go, Cara suggested just going to get burgers. Michael protested, insisting they go somewhere nice since they were all dressed up, but Cara stated that she had always been a burger and fries kind of gal, and she’d be just as happy, if not more so. Michael caved and even though they were dressed to the nines, they walked into this little hole in the wall burger joint, which happened to have the best burgers they had ever had, along with old fashioned malt milkshakes, they picked out records on the jukebox, danced around, and even played a little pool. They had the time of their lives, and so that’s how they spent the night of their anniversary, dressed up and reliving that wonderful memory.


When they got home, Michael opened Cara’s car door, and pulled her into his arms, the moonlight shining down on them. He pulled out his phone and played Ben E. King’s stand by me before swaying her around the driveway.

“The night you asked me to marry you,” she whispered in his ear.

“The best decision I ever made.” He replied, before leading her to the gazebo he had built her for her last birthday. He had strung up some lights and had a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses on the table, waiting for them. He lit a few candle before turning around to look at her. He grabbed her hands and looked her in the eye, a tear slipping down his cheek.

“Cara, somehow, 15 years ago, I managed to convince the most beautiful woman in the world to marry me, and here we are 15 years later, and I’m still the luckiest man alive. You are so beautiful and amazing, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for you. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such an amazing woman to be my wife, but I’m so glad your mine.”

Something inside of Cara busted at his words, and she pushed him against the table, grabbing the lapels of his shirt and bringing his mouth to hers, she grinded against him before stepping back and slipping out of her dress, revealing the lingerie she had bought for tonight.

“Your last present, my dear, care to unwrap it?”


Michael went to grab for her, but she ran away, wanting him to see the bedroom, not that Michael really noticed anyway, they didn’t even get to light the candles before they were at each other. And they spent the remainder of the night the same way they did on their wedding night, naked, in bed, and not finding sleep until the sun arose the next morning.

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  1. Love this! Read it to my hubby 💗

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  2. How?! How is it that I’ve fallen even deeper for Michael. After 15 years, he’s still perfection!! ❤
    Seriously tho, I think I’m going to make my husband read this. Then I can tap my foot in my bedroom doorway, with a hand on my hip and ask if he learned anything 😂

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  4. cosistories says:

    This is so sweet and lovely! 😀

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  6. Laura Beth says:

    This was awesome. Sexy. Hot. All I ever wanted!

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